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Severe headaches in migraine make you restless. It is a kind of headache, which is very difficult to tolerate. There can be many reasons for migraine. This pain usually occurs on one side of the head. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, feeling tired, extreme sensitivity to light and sound are symptoms of migraine. Let us tell you that a migraine attack can last from an hour to a whole day. The pain in this is so severe that it becomes difficult to bear. Let us know about the cause of migraine…

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due to migraine

However, researchers have not identified a definite cause for migraine. However, they do list some of the factors that contribute to migraine pain. This includes changes or imbalances in brain chemicals, such as decreased levels of the brain chemical serotonin. Serotonin helps regulate pain in your nervous system. Researchers are still doing research on serotonin. Let us know about other reasons that trigger migraine.

migraine triggering foods

migraine triggering foods

Food responsible for migraine Bad food taken by you has been considered responsible for migraine. If you consume salty or processed food, it can increase your migraine. You should also keep distance from fast food and junk food. In addition, the sweetener aspartame and the preservative monosodium glutamate (MSG), found in many foods, can trigger migraines.

don’t eat

If you do not take meals on time or skip your meals, it also contributes to migraine pain. That’s why pay full attention to your diet.

Stay away from alcohol Drinking alcohol is very injurious to health. Let us tell you that alcohol and excessive caffeinated drinks can cause migraine. That’s why keep distance from its use.

take stress

You may get migraine due to office stress or home stress. So learn to control your stress and give yourself time for a few days.

lack of sleep

There is a possibility of pain in migraine even when sleep is not complete. Apart from this, excessive sleep also causes migraine.

bright lights and loud sounds

Bright lights and sunlight can trigger migraines. Apart from this, loud noise can also trigger migraine.

causes of migraine in women

causes of migraine in women

Menstrual migraines affect up to 60 percent of women who experience some type of migraine. Due to fluctuations in estrogen, many women have to face migraine headaches. Women experiencing headaches often report headaches before or after their periods, when there is a significant drop in estrogen. Apart from this, women also face migraine during pregnancy or menopause.

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