5 must-have professional treatment masks for your back bar | 221

It’s excellent to have a collection of masks that can be used on various skin types! Here are 5 masks that can handle any type of skin in a facial. Private label for estheticians.

1 We always use the papaya pineapple enzyme mask on everyone. This mask may be applied throughout the facial’s exfoliating phase or even just after a Dermaplaning or Microdermabrasion. The dull, lifeless skin is removed with this mask, leaving your clients’ skin looking gorgeous.

2 The ideal mask to use to help clear pores is the clarifying mask. This mask may be applied to normal, dry, and oily skin types if you need to do a purifying treatment. Due to its lack of excessive drying, it is mild enough for delicate skin types. Use a hot towel compress or steam with this mask. even on skin types with sensitivity. Use a hot towel compress or steam with this mask.

3 Mask of Renewal: This mild mask contains clays and alpha hydroxy acids. The skin will be exfoliated without being overly sensitive. The skin will be purified and made more radiant.

4 All skin types will benefit greatly from the Rose Cooling & Regenerative Mask, which may be used following waxing or exfoliation. This lovely-smelling mask does wonders to soothe the skin.

5 Hydrating Mask – This mask is excellent for skin types that need extra hydration, such as dry to mature skin. The skin will become more hydrated and full. Hyaluronic Acid, organic olive and jojoba oils, and antioxidants give it an added burst of hydration.

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