5 Tips To Improve Front Desk Customer Service | 227

The first email follow-up

You might be accustomed to follow-up emails after interviews. You get the chance to ask your customer all of their questions and learn how they felt about the visit in the follow-up emails. This might be viewed as a personal connection that communicates to the client how essential it is to you that they be entirely happy.

2 Create a welcoming, warm lobby to create a warm experience.

First impressions are crucial since they are made here when a customer enters your office for the first time. Set the tone for customers by turning on the lights, using pure essential fragrances like lavender or blood orange, both of which, in my experience, have received positive comments, or by placing flowers or other decor. some lovely flowers or artwork. Additionally, make sure that the front desk personnel ALWAYS says, “Hello, how may I assist you today?” while grinning warmly. You don’t want your customers to leave your front desk with a terrible impression since it would be unprofessional and unwelcoming.


The front desk and administration will be the first to learn of the situation. The initial point of interaction is with them. For instance, they have open lines of contact with the clients, technicians, and aestheticians, and they are the first to know if there is a problem. When I was working at the front desk years ago, I saw how customers would be honest with me. not the service provider, but rather their experience. I usually ask service providers whether they genuinely believe that if you are about to use acid, fire a laser at them, or give them a facial, they will tell you the truth. They don’t want to annoy or irritate you, but if there’s something they don’t like, they don’t mind alerting the front desk. Never think you always understand what is happening. Request comments and thoughts from the front desk. This is one of your company’s most crucial divisions, and it will either make or ruin you.

4 Greeting callers properly upon picking up the phone

When it comes to providing good customer service, a formal welcome is essential. Again, your front desk/admin personnel is the initial point of contact for the client. Practice a greeting with your workers, go through how to put the customer on wait and how to leave a message, and go over a process for when they are working under pressure and multitasking. Things might become a little hectic up initially, so showing care and making them aware that their call is crucial can go a long way with the customer.

Organization 5.

Being organized is helpful in every scenario, as we all know. When your front desk is structured, you won’t lose documents, people can find items more quickly, and multitasking is made possible without overlapping tasks. To prevent any form of inconvenience when customers are checking out, keep this area organized and supplied.

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