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items that are effective for all skin types!

Keeping track of an enormous shopping variety might be difficult. When deciding what to market to their client, this might make it very difficult for your personnel to make decisions. We thus made the decision to assist you by reducing the options for you. The top five retail sellers, chosen by Aesthetic Back Bar, will quickly become your go-to items.

facial cleansing gel Excellent for oily and sensitive skin types while yet being soft enough to use as a post-treatment cleanser. This mild gel cleanser with no sulfates will get rid of debris and makeup without stripping the skin.

Lemongrass Toner – An excellent balancing toner for all skin types. Skin that is delicate or compromised responds well to lavender. This toner will lower the skin’s pH so that your treatment ingredients can effectively penetrate and operate.

The whole C complex A potent antioxidant, Total C Complex treatment serum, can help enhance skin tone and slow down the aging process. Applying this topical vitamin C in the morning helps the skin get ready for the day’s battle against free radical damage. This is a fantastic anti-aging product for all people.

Brightening, hydrating, and nourishing serum for skin! Excellent for all skin types, including oily and combo skin. This is a fantastic all-purpose serum that may utilize both day and night.

AHA Lotion – The go-to moisturizer that may nourish the face and help seal in moisture without leaving a greasy sensation. The cream’s Alpha hydroxys will help the skin by gently exfoliating it and encouraging smoother skin.

All skin types will benefit from these five products, which won’t remain on your shelf for very long. If you have any additional ideas, please let us know.

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