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5 Useful Income-Generating Ideas for the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with it the customary gift-giving, remembering departed loved ones, celebrating relationships, and expressing gratitude to coworkers and customers for a fruitful 2012! As frequent clients visit for some much-needed “sprucing up” before to their special occasions, such as family reunions, office parties, special travels, etc., the end of the year may also see a rise in business. With all the commotion, right now is the perfect time to begin making plans for this hectic season of the year!

So, as a service provider, what will YOU do this year to increase your Christmas season revenue?

Here are 5 ideas we’ve prepared to assist your end-of-year sales increase significantly in case your mind is blank:Here are 5 ideas we’ve prepared to assist your end-of-year sales increase significantly in case your mind is blank:

Offer bundled bundles of your own label skin care products. Create kits that offer a specific result to your clients and sound enticing at the same time if you sell skin care (which you should if you operate an aesthetics practice). For example, “teen dazzle” could be a kit for young clients who struggle with acne, “flawless” could be an anti-aging kit for clients with mature skin, or “healthy glow” could be a kit for clients who have dull, dry skin. The options are limitless; all you need is a little imagination and excellent skin care. (Don’t currently have a private label skincare product? If you want it before the holidays, take action immediately.

Include seasonal discounts – When promoting services, one of the strongest selling tactics is to engage your customers’ senses. Examine the elements that are most in demand during the holidays and use them into your facials as part of your seasonal offerings. Our peppermint essential oil and pumpkin masks are also excellent suggestions. Use these to create facials to differentiate your offering.

Sell gift cards: People typically find it difficult to buy Christmas presents other than the usual sweater or pair of socks. In addition to helping your clients’ loved ones, you will also increase your revenue. A printing business might create personalized gift certificates for you, or you could sell gift certificates online as a “online coupon” that can Sending emails to your customers will undoubtedly save you money.

Refresh the language in your product descriptions. Use adjectives (such as pampering, stress-reducing, therapeutic, professional, deep cleansing, hydrating, etc.) and be specific (“for the special guy in your life”) when you advertise seasonal specials. Choose four or five services, and then help your client decide which might be the best choice for their loved one. Consider what a lovely present your product or service would make, then tell your potential consumers about it. At least a month in advance, print out fliers and be sure to distribute them to clients as they enter your establishment.

Be extra kind — In the spirit of the season, be kind and provide your customers “perks” to encourage them to purchase their Christmas presents from you. How about complimentary gift wrapping that comes with a lovely bow? Another option would be free delivery on purchases over a certain amount. Or how about complimentary service enhancements (free hand massage with the facial, free mask application)? This attracts your customers’ attention and demonstrates the value of their business all year round.

It’s time to adapt these concepts to fit your personal style. By the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, we think you’ll be even happier since they’ll provide you a wonderful return! Feel free to share some of your own thoughts with us as well.

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