9 Ways to increase your profit for the Holidays | 206

There are presently 16 weeks till Christmas, so here are 10 suggestions to help you make more money and have a wonderful holiday season!Spa vacation marketing strategies

1 Quick Sells at the Front Desk
At your front desk, you may place lip gloss, eye makeup trios, baked foundation, compressed mineral make-up, loose minerals, and even eye cream as quick gift options. Those are reasonable prices that make sales easy. Our lip glosses and cosmetics are natural, excellent quality, and reasonably priced. Profit ranges from 50% to 70%. Place products that are straightforward and simple to add to a sale.

2 Have little sales to sell your retail quickly.

A complimentary peel is included with the purchase of a product package during your subsequent facial. You will spend relatively little on a peel, yet it adds value to a treatment. To make it more appealing, you may even put the peel’s value price. For instance, purchase a product kit and receive a free peel worth $$$.

3 Get your customers to purchase your retail merchandise as Christmas presents

For instance, if you spend $200 on retail items, you’ll receive a FREE microdermabrasion (also known as a peel or mini facial). Products can be packaged or combined.

4 Promote treatment courses –

The Enzyme Pumpkin Peel II, which has 12% glycolic acid and is excellent for rejuvenating the face and changing lifeless, dull skin, is one of our fantastic peels that you can apply for the fall.Spas in our area provide packages of 4 of these at a fixed fee.In order to have their client’s skin looking fantastic in time for Christmas, they have them visit every two weeks.

5 Selling gift cards –

You may also provide a little incentive for your consumers to make larger purchases here. Example: Receive a $25 credit to apply toward your preferred treatment for every $100 spent on gift vouchers. The more you donate, the more credit you earn to spend on your preferred therapies. Be careful to include the expiry your gift vouchers’ expiration date.

6 Add valuable services to treatments rather than discounting them. For instance, advertise free add-ons for facials or other treatments. You can add an additional hand peel on top of a hot stone or facial massage. Don’t forget to provide the value. For instance: Purchase our (name of facial/treatment) and receive a complimentary enzyme complexion peel for your hands, valued at $$$.

7 Use our mud mask and peppermint essential oil to create a “Peppermint Mud Facial” as a festive facial. Ask your customer if they have any sensitivities before using our peppermint oil on their face. You can dilute it to be safe. Additionally, you can design a “Peppermint Renewal Facial” utilizing our Renewal mask and peppermint tea in place of water to dilute the powder. You may produce the “Peppermint Anti-Aging Facial” by combining peppermint tea with the anti-aging mask. You can apply peppermint lotion to your body and face. A “Pumpkin Pie Facial” can be made with the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask I or II. For the fall and holiday season, pumpkin is fantastic.

8 For your store space, add body butters.

The skin requires water as the seasons change. Our luscious body butters are crafted from coconut and three essential oils—lavender, neroli, and mandarin—and are ideal for all skin types. Depending on your mark, you can make anywhere from 50% to 150%. up. There is also a Private Label option for these butters. These products make excellent gifts and may be private branded. Customers will become addicted if you test it in the shopping area.

9 Utilize our Private Label to create your own items. You can get our assistance there. Take advantage now to start your own brand before the holidays if you aren’t already one of our Private Label clients. Only 3 goods per SKU are our minimal requirements, and if you place your first order by September 29th, you’ll save 50% on our one-time setup cost. Instead of paying $150, simply pay $75. Email us at info@aestheticbackbar.com for additional details.

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