A guide to helping aestheticians choose the right facial mask for their client | 271

Are you trying to decide which new professional mask to buy for your spa treatments? Here is a guide to assist you in choosing which mask to use for your facial.

Let’s start!

Healthy Glow Mask: Increasing your hydration levels Do more people with aged, dry skin types visit you for facials? If you said “yes,” then this product may become a staple in your arsenal. Let’s examine a few of the components in this face mask.

Hyaluronic Acid: This component is designed to provide the skin more hydration, promoting the growth of healthy skin.

Jojoba Oil: The jojoba oil will have time to absorb and hydrate the skin if you leave this mask on for 5 to 20 minutes. More dry skin types benefit greatly from jojoba oil as an ingredient.

Metanylsulfonylmethane (MSM):

This powerful chemical has a variety of uses, including the treatment of acne, premature aging, and sensitive skin. An amusing truth. Our bodies contain MSM, which serves as a source of sulfur that aids in the production of the amino acids methionine and cysteine.

Lilac Extract:

works to relax and calm the skin, perhaps helping to lessen wrinkles and level out skin tone.

Let’s go on to the Crisp Cranberry & Cucumber Gel Mask as our next selection.

Mask with cucumber gel:

How to Create Refreshed Skin With the calming face gel mask, you can help your customer relax. This item can also be used as a mild moisturizer in addition to a mask. Slap a At the conclusion of a treatment, apply a tiny layer to your client’s skin for hydrating effects. This is excellent for post-waxing as well. It is now time to examine the component list! Look below.

Citrus Seed Oil: Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are included in this beautiful fruit oil, along with vitamin E. It is a fantastic antioxidant that acts to moisturize the skin, fight against environmental stresses, and slow down the aging process.

Natural Aloe: has anti-inflammatory qualities that can help calm the skin while also giving hydration. It could lessen skin imperfections including acne and dark patches.

Water-soluble cellulose: This is a well-known safe chemical that may be used to create a thick, gel-like texture in a product.

Distilled cucumber: works to rehydrate the skin by reducing puffiness and redness. It smells lovely without even trying, plus it moisturizes and relieves itching!

Looking for a professional mask with more skin purification? Okay, here we go! The Clarifying Mask comes last but certainly not least.

Clearing Face Mask: Cleanse and detoxify Use this nutritious mask to cleanse the face of impurities like extra oil and grime. It’s a moisturizing product that leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean while also brightening its complexion. Now for our main components. This works well as a mask before extractions. With this mask, you may use steam or a hot towel compress to assist soften dirt and unclog pores.

Charcoal Activated: An excellent component that helps to remove dirt from your pores. It eliminates dead skin cells and provides a more even skin tone by being able to absorb those pollutants.

C vitamin Surely everyone would adore this antioxidant! It evens out uneven texture and enhances your skin tone. It can increase collagen and protect your skin from harm.

B5 vitamin This vitamin moisturizes the skin and helps it retain moisture, just as hyaluronic acid. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory properties that might aid with acne and scarring.

Which mask do you anticipate putting on? We provide samples of our professional face masks on our website if you haven’t tried one before. To view them, click the link below.


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