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Christmas Orders

The Christmas rush has begun. Our warehouse is quite busy right now! We want you to know how much your business means to us and that we will go above and beyond to fulfill your orders on schedule. Please be aware that private label orders and larger bulk orders require a turnaround time of 5–10 business days. If you require your orders by a specific date, kindly place them in advance. On December 24, 25, and 31, we will be closed.

Discontinued Products

We have made the decision to stop selling some goods and a few of the sizes we provide in order to keep our office running smoothly and our costs reasonable. The 8oz will no longer be used for masks and moisturizers. size. We will provide bulk, 4 oz., and 16 oz. quantities of all our masks and moisturizers. The 4 oz. size for serums and eye creams will be dropped. For all serums and eye creams, we will provide bulk, 2oz, and 8oz varieties.

Price Growth

Aesthetic Back Bar has put out a lot of effort over the years to provide top-notch goods at the most affordable costs. Several of our suppliers have informed us that 2019 may see rises in ingredient pricing due to increasing demand and additional tariffs. We have found it essential to subsequently raise our pricing as a result of the growing cost of labor in California and the numerous price increases in the raw ingredients we utilize to make our products.

Rest assured, nevertheless, that we have managed to minimize that price rise to the extent practicable given the situation. Because of our high productivity rate and use of more effective procedures, we have been able to modify the increase so that you, our devoted customers, won’t face the brunt of it.As a result, we are raising our product pricing, which our business intends to implement on January 1, 2019.

We appreciate your ongoing dedication to Aesthetic Back Bar and your understanding. Thank you.

Advance Happy Holidays!

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