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The most crucial time of the year has arrived for your company. Did you know that businesses generate roughly 19% of their yearly income during the Christmas season? We may conclude the year strong by organizing ourselves and making plans. Here is a list of short actions we may do to make the most of this important time of year.

To-do list for the holidays:

Plan sales and specials.
Setup events – in person and online Purchase retail and necessary materials
Make your social media and email campaigns.

Prepare sales and specials as well as adding them to the calendar. By making plans and carrying them out, you can prevent what occurs to most of us. Opportunities might be lost if the sales schedule is not followed and time passes. Before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the majority of individuals finish their holiday shopping. The months of October and November are the best times to launch your campaigns and start selling your services, goods, and gift cards.

Create offline and online events. These can include events where individuals can engage online, customer appreciation days or weeks, or holiday open houses. A Facebook or Instagram live event where you showcase items and demonstrate a technique or therapy is an example of an online event.

It was a lot of fun when I once participated in a bingo for the spa I oversaw. Before the big day, we asked everyone to register for the bingo. sent the card to them and played live bingo. We briefly discussed a product or technique in each of the spots on the card. By hiding our faces and speaking, we made it enjoyable. Participants that received a bingo post it in the comments. Our workplace had a person keeping records. Today, we have a lot of options.

Place your retail and supply orders. This season, don’t lose any store sales. What you don’t have you can’t sell. Consider previous seasons or months to determine what you will need this year.

You still have time to launch your own brand, if you haven’t already. We turn things around in two weeks. To learn more, go here: Private Label Knowledge. Email us at if you have any queries or would like to submit your logo.

Get the necessary supplies if you plan to perform any special holiday facials or treatments. We have wonderful Rose and Pumpkin face treatments that make wonderful gifts.

Make your social media and email campaigns.

If you run a one-person show or a tiny corporation, it’s simple to ignore this one. Setting up your email and social media campaigns might serve as a reminder to clients about your offerings. Inform them about your gift-giving and skin care services. Create stuff It’s simple for them to plan an order from you.

If you don’t have much time to accomplish this every day, plan it. To schedule, utilize tools like Hootsuite or Canva. They are many. I adore Canva because it makes it so simple to design something, schedule it, and distribute it on social media.

Examine your scheduling program for an email marketing option. Aweber, Constant Contact, and MailChimp are more email campaign choices. Use simple-to-use services. Your chances of using and succeeding with an email campaign increase with its simplicity.

Have any more queries or suggestions? Please do so. Send us a note by email, Facebook, or Instagram.

Vacation Professional Services

Glycolic enzyme from pumpkin Give your clients an enzyme peel for their skin that will give them a festive shine.

All skin types can benefit from the pumpkin enzyme in the retexturizing enzyme mask. Instead than using physical abrasion, enzyme and AHA exfoliation rely on biological activity. By speeding up cell regeneration, alpha-hydroxy acids have been found to support smoother, younger-looking skin. Antioxidants and enzymes that mimic alpha-hydroxy acids are abundant in pumpkin. Additionally, pumpkin has more than 100 healthy components that might be utilized to delay the effects of aging. Rejuvenate the face, hands, body, or feet by using pumpkin peel.

Glycolic Radiant Rose Mask – Skin is gently exfoliated, leaving it bright and glowing.

This masque gives the skin a lightening and lovely sheen while helping to eliminate the buildup of extra skin cells. Glycolic acid gives skin a young, energetic appearance by transforming dull, lifeless complexions. The 10% glycolic acid in this rejuvenating masque is not recommended for skin that is more delicate. The effects of this glycolic mask range from mild tingling to burning. Observe instructions carefully. For relaxing and soothing, use Refreshing Rose Mask after the mask.

Rose-scented calming and relaxing mask that is refreshing. This is a fantastic continuation of the Radiant Rose.

For all skin types, this calming rinse-off mask works wonders. It is a cooling gel with anti-inflammatory, astringent, and regenerative properties that may be applied to the face and eyes. This mask is moisturizing, soothing, and invigorating thanks to the beautiful refreshing rose smell provided by rose distillate. The Radiant Rose Mask should be used after this one. This therapy mask may be used after waxing, microdermabrasion, or dermaplaning, as well as during a facial.

The Nourishing Glow Mask is a wonderfully nourishing and plumping moisturizing treatment. will provide the water that thirsty skin needs.

This deeply hydrating and nourishing mask aids in calming, hydrating, healing, and promoting cell renewal. Nourishing Glow Mask is a mild, creamy masque that will plump and tighten the skin. It contains hydrators like Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Olive and Jojoba Oils, antioxidant-rich Organic Rooibos, DMAE, and MSM, as well as toning ingredients like Organic Rooibos, DMAE, and MSM.

a beet and turmeric mask For all skin types, this mild exfoliating and cleansing procedure works wonders. will leave skin purified and clean.

This mask has a lot of nutrient-rich qualities of its own that are meant to be boosted by the beverage of your choosing that is used to activate the mask. This nourishing mask is ideal for dry, older skin that has been sun damaged. The skin will become more elastic and moisturized thanks to the nutrients found in the beet and turmeric mask. This mask is well-rounded and gentle for all skin types because it contains beet powder, turmeric powder, and vitamins B and C.

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