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The problem of not having a clean stomach or constipation is a common problem. This problem mostly arises from the wrong way of eating. Many factors lead to indigestion or constipation. Some of the most common symptoms of indigestion include abdominal pain, bloating, heartburn, nausea, and vomiting. According to Ayurveda, we should adopt some such habits of eating and drinking, through which you can remove the problem of constipation or stomach.

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eat slowly

eat slowly

Talking about Ayurvedic methods to get rid of constipation, then you should consume food slowly. Let us tell you that eating slowly is very important for effective digestion. Our digestive juices need time to digest or act on food. That’s why food should never be hurried or chewed rather it should be chewed 32 times. This will help you chew the food.

Do not eat mismatched foods together

A major reason for the problem of constipation or the problem of not clearing the stomach is that whatever two foods you eat together are not compatible. It spoils our digestive power. According to Ayurveda, milk and bananas, curd and citrus fruits and eggs and milk are considered incompatible, that is, they should not be eaten together.

try some home remedies

try some home remedies

There are many herbs and spices found in our kitchens, which can help in promoting digestion. If you want to overcome the problem of digestion, then take a piece of fresh ginger. Squeeze some lemon on it and add some salt. After that lick it. You will start seeing the benefits in a few days.

Cumin, bay leaves and garlic are also good ingredients to aid digestion. Use it by adding it to your food and you will see better results.

don’t eat while watching tv

don't eat while watching tv

If you are really serious about treating constipation, then you should give up the habit of eating food while watching TV. It has been seen that whenever we eat, we start looking at TV, phone or newspapers. By doing this, your body does not understand what you are eating. This also weakens your digestive capacity.

avoid overeating

Eating the right amount of food is an important part of the effective digestion process. The habit of overeating can lead to obesity and many health problems. Along with weight gain due to overeating, many other problems also come to the fore. Due to this, mental and emotional stress also arises and the problem of constipation also arises.

excessive water intake

excessive water intake

With water you can cure 80 percent of stomach diseases. All you need to know is when or how you should drink water. One should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. If you drink at least two glasses of lukewarm water as soon as you wake up in the morning, then your stomach gets cleaned very well.

If the problem is more, drink a glass of lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice and honey. This is a very popular method of cleansing the stomach. You should drink water little by little throughout the day. Many diseases will end with this, such as body odor, pimples and stomach problems etc. are cured. When and how to drink water

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