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The Skin’s Superfood: Blue Green AlgaeSkin-benefiting blue-green algae

Where is the origin of blue-green algae?

The Pacific Northwest is where blue-green algae is found. It is a single-celled wild-harvested organically-certified creature that grows in a remote region of the Pacific Northwest. In addition to having some of the world’s cleanest air, the Pacific Northwest also has the ideal natural lake for cultivating and collecting USDA Certified Organic Blue Green Algae. Klamath Lake is the biggest (by surface area) freshwater lake in Oregon.

It is tucked away in the shadow of the pristine Crater Lake and fed by more than seventeen naturally occurring springs of breathtaking beauty. One of the clearest and cleanest bodies of water in North America may be found there. Crystal With a thick coating of volcanic ash covering it, Klamath Lake receives a richness of minerals from clear mineral springs underneath supplied by Crater Lake. Only Klamath Lake’s ideal natural ecology provides a rare algae species with the habitat it needs to thrive.

Blue green algae (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae), also known as the “invisible flower of water,” is one of the most nutrient-rich abundant whole green foods on the planet due to its extremely volcanic mineral-rich geographic region, intense solar energy from its high elevation, and the constantly moving, oxygen-rich crystal clear waters.

It’s important to note that, although the Blue Green Algae we use in our products arrives at our lab in food-grade condition, because we are a cosmetic manufacturer, it is immediately regarded as a cosmetic and not intended for human consumption once it enters our lab.

What Advantages Do Blue Green Algae Offer?

68 minerals,
70 trace elements

Blue green is the ideal superfood in particular because of its high nutritional density and the synergistic effects of the trace elements it contains. Additionally, it has an exact ratio of both necessary and non-essential amino acids as found in the human body. But hold on—there’s more! It includes a full range of vitamins, including high-quality vitamin K and the vitamin B spectrum.

It contains a range of minerals and is very bio-available.

Phycocyanin B vitamins
Professional Lipids, 
essential amino acids 
with vitamin A
EPA fatty acids, 
nucleic acids.

Benefits of Blue Green Algae for Skin

qualities for lifting and toning
strengthens skin’s fibers

enhances the structure of skin
Proteins support skin cells and new tissue.
Reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

Items with blue-green algae

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