Ways to increase immunity – jaggery increase immunity | 137

[ad_1] Feeding certain foods to the body can strengthen your immune system. If you want to avoid cold and flu, then start consuming jaggery. Apart from this, it produces heat in winter and protects from cold. Jaggery is the way to increase immunity Jaggery has been a part of Indian cuisine since the beginning. Even … Read more

causes of neck pain | 164

[ad_1] The bones, ligaments and muscles of your neck support your head. Neck pain is a common problem. Tension in the neck muscles is caused by poor posture. Any abnormality, inflammation, or injury can cause neck pain or stiffness. Apart from this, sometimes our routine also becomes the cause of neck pain and any old … Read more

Onion to keep away from diseases and increase immunity | 019

[ad_1] In the deteriorating lifestyle, we have adopted some such methods, which are having a bad effect on our health. Friends, if we become a little aware of what we are eating, then we can maintain our health to a great extent and stay away from diseases. Often people keep distance from onions. They think … Read more