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Our CBD skincare products, body care products, and CBD oil are all inspired by nature. They are made from industrial hemp that is farmed in the US that is non-GMO, are not categorized as drugs, and are acceptable for sale in all 50 states. We take great pride in producing the highest-quality CBD for use in cosmetic skincare products.

Our whole line of CBD products is created with only organic cannabinoids that are devoid of toxins, pesticides, and dangerous chemicals. We promise the finest grade, pesticide-free, non-GMO hemp extract available anywhere in the world when it comes to the production of our CBD.

All rules set out by the State Department of Agriculture are complied with in full by our hemp farm partners.

Our Priority

to offer hemp items of the best quality.

Tri-Tested Non-GMO Hemp Extract

Maximum Grade

Non-GMO, triple tested, and pesticide-free. Every batch and every finished product undergo triple laboratory testing. Each batch undergoes three separate lab tests, and each final good is lab sealed.

Use of topical CBD

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities have been attributed to CBD. which promote improved skin redness, decrease skin puffiness, improve skin texture, and slow the obvious signs of aging.

A high-potency CBD extract-infused skincare regimen that is genuinely cutting edge. All skin types respond well to CBD Skin Care. Hemp-derived CBD, which is rich in natural fatty acids and antioxidants, is said to have positive effects on the skin, hair, and body. Every time you use a CBD product, your skin will become better and mend. Skin glows from inside thanks to the high grade botanicals and natural compounds in our custom combination.

The plant components in CBD skincare are nutrient-rich and permeate the skin to noticeably soothe, cleanse, and profoundly heal it. CBD from plants aids in resetting the look of stressed skin. To lessen redness, repair the skin’s moisture barrier, and enhance all-day hydration, CBD and other nutrients can act in synergy.

Utilizing NanoP2 Technology, our CBD hyaluronic acid includes hemp nutrients that are almost instantly absorbed into the skin, enhancing hydration and minimizing water loss. Utilizing a newly created “Nano” molecule of CBD, NanoP2 Hyaluronic Acid can heal damage, moisturize skin, and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by penetrating deep into the dermis layer of your skin.

CBD skincare items are offered.

Face oil by Phyto Nourish – a multipurpose face oil with added CBD that helps to moisturize the skin and build skin barrier.

Ultra Radiant Complex Serum – Daily restorative serum with peptides, antioxidants, and no weight.

Gel called Hydra-Bond Booster – Hyaluronic Acid is designed to hold onto moisture and provide a hydration boost to the skin.

Age-Resistant Concentrate A multipurpose moisturizer designed with apple stem cells and peptides to increase firmness and texture softness.

CBD products for pain and aches in the body

A cryo cream provides alleviation for the legs, back, shoulders, and major body parts, among other places.

Organic CBD oil is included in the formulation of Cryo Roll on Gel to soothe. Use this potent transparent gel mixed with CBD oil to roll away pain and ease pains.

Drops of CBD

500 mg of CBD Isolate (THC-FREE)
1000 mg of CBD Isolate (THC-FREE)

1500mg of CBD Broadspectrum (THC-FREE, with just botanical terpenes)

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