Cheat Sheet for a Successful Spa Open House | 196

I’ve experienced both incredibly horrible and really fantastic open houses. You know, the ones that are empty and then the ones that are so crowded that there is only place for standing. We have acquired certain dos and don’ts throughout the years. We have a simple cheat sheet for the spa open house.

What’s the name of your event?

With this, you can get creative. It has numerous different names. I believe that in order to attract people, it just has to sound exciting or have a strong pull. Many will refer to it as the following and give it a slight twist.

These are but a few fundamental concepts. You may use imagination.

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You are the expert on your clients. On what days do you anticipate their arrival? The best turnouts have been on Wednesday and Thursday. But with your clients, things can be different. Many locations provide 5-7pm. If a spa is marketing treatments that day, they can actually plan an event that lasts the entire day. It can be a transient occurrence. You may need to make a little window if you are offering prizes, demos, or other such things.

Food and Beverages

I would enjoy some tasty snacks and beverages. Wine, water, crackers, cheese, fruit, and similar items are sometimes available. You’re not required to Have fun with this. You are not required to prepare a dinner because I already did that.

Describe your services.

You should consider “what will make them want to come?” Both their time and your time must be worth it. A few suggestions are listed below. You don’t have to do everything at once. Just select a few.

Gift Bags
Product discounts
Packages and special deals
Miniature therapies
Chair massage demonstrations
Instructional Skin Analysis
Gift Cards for Food Drives
rewards for customers who bring friends

Its Promotion

This is important and should be one of your key points of attention. It is quite difficult to create a successful event if you do not give yourself enough time to market. Predetermine a date. I say at least 8 weeks before.

Broadcast email to all clients
Facebook invitations and flyers
inviting customers directly

day of the occasion

Create a sign-up sheet and a location where you can gather emails.
Have adequate personnel or assistance for the day. Cover every possible ground.
enough grub and beverages
Music flyer featuring your discounts, deals, and other offers.

You can send a follow-up email after the event. Don’t forget to snap lots of photos to share on your social networks and websites. Never forget to have fun.

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