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In our spa, collagen induction therapy has become quite popular. There are two sorts of treatments the Collagen Induction Therapy Pen can do.

The superficial

Skin resurfacing and softening will be aided by the Nano needle tip. This advice will enable topical anesthetics and discomfort-free deeper penetration of therapy serums. There is no need for downtime; business may resume as usual immediately soon. Treatments can be spaced out by up to two weeks.

With the 12 point tip cartridge, deeper treatments that concentrate on texture, wrinkles, pores, and drooping aged skin can be addressed. When correction is required, this therapy is excellent. To get the desired outcomes, treatments might be spaced 4–6 weeks apart. Any discomfort can be relieved with topical anesthetic.

You might do the Nano superficial treatment if your customer desires a polished appearance. Once a month is a wonderful time to use this skin treatment. If correction is something you need to focus on, the Deeper 12 point treatment is fantastic.

Your treatment’s cost:

Every region is unique. For the Nano treatment, you may charge $125, and for a deeper treatment, you can charge $200 or more. Three nanodisposable tips and one 12 point disposable tip are included in each collagen induction therapy package. You can immediately recoup the cost of this procedure.

Why is our Collagen Induction Therapy Pen ideal for regular usage at spas?

5 Speed Levels, 2 in 1 operation, Wireless, and AC Adapter
Aluminum alloy body with heat-dissipating properties
Strong and Reliable
German Motor Is Simple To Clean
Small Noise
Low Heat Scale, 0 to 2.5 mm

Example Protocol (which you can modify for the type of skin you are working with)

Use a facial gel cleanser and a sonic cleansing brush to clean your skin.

Prepare skin with an AHA toner.

Apply a topical anesthetic cream for deeper treatments using a 12-pin tip. Use the Nano Tip for a gentler treatment.

To the initial area of therapy, apply HA Forte. Try to apply your makeup to a surface no bigger than an index card’s (3 x 5 inches).

Turning the dial adjusts the speed and needle depth. Depending on the region and sensitivity, depth and speed can be altered.

Avoid touching broken skin or inflamed skin.

To ensure that no places are missed, begin the treatment with cross hatching technique and then in circles.

Apply serums or nourishing treatments as soon as you are through exfoliating the skin. Avoid using acids or peels. You can patch test the Total C Complex or the Retinol PM if you want to amplify the treatment.

Aftercare: For 24 hours, stay out of the sun and stop sweating.
For two to seven days, depending on how sensitive and intensive the treatment was, avoid using harsh, abrasive items on skin. Avoid using alcohol-based toners for 2–7 days. Keep skin well-hydrated. For the day, Total C Complex is advised, and HA Peptide Forte for the morning and evening. Apply sunscreen once the 24-hour period has passed.

For them to take home, make a form with instructions for home care. Ask them if they have any questions and follow up with them. Photographs of the before and after should be taken.

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