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When looking for the ideal cosmetic label, you’ll discover there are many options available. Paper labels, Direct to Film (DTF), silk screening, UV printing, metallic labels, etc. are a few examples of cosmetic labels. For your label needs, Aesthetic Back Bar offers UV printing. Read on as we go into the UV printer’s use for Private Label to produce seamless labels.

Describe UV printing

On skincare packages, we print cosmetic labels using a UV printer. In doing so, you may give your skincare brand a seamless finish. UV printing involves curing the ink on the package directly using a UV light. This kind of printing is digital. Then, we position the container in a curing chamber to increase the label’s security. To begin started, small businesses and startups should use this kind of cosmetic label. The label typically gives a waterproof finish and lasts the whole life of the product.

Formulation of Cosmetic Labels

We require your logo, which may be supplied to, to make your cosmetic labels. Using a graphic design tool, we take your logo and input it into our product templates. We send the labels to your email for your approval when they are prepared. We then advance your order to the printing queue when you approve the label. Our printing staff will typically begin working on your order as the label is authorized, usually starting within the week.

You may also alter the design of your cosmetic label using Aesthetic Back Bar. You may create the ideal label design by selecting from a selection of fonts and formats. Please let us know the style you are looking for so we can provide you example designs to pick from.

A graphic artist can also be hired, as an alternative. It would be advisable to take this path if you wanted to develop something more particular. Please specify the items you are interested in, and we’ll provide you the measurements for each kind of packing. Your cosmetic label will be accurate for each type of container in this way.

Test Use of the UV Printer

Unsure if UV printing is the best option for you? To determine how you feel about the print on the box, do a sample run of the items. By ordering the Private Label Starter Kit, you may see it in person. For only $99, you may get a trial package that includes five skincare items of your choice in the packaging of your choosing. To begin designing a mockup of your skincare line, send your logo to so that our printing team can get to work.

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