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With the changing lifestyle, the number of migraine patients is increasing. It is a problem in which the patient has gastric, nausea, vomiting along with headache. This can happen to both men and women. The main reasons behind migraine pain are drinks, lack of exercise, taking certain types of medicines, taking stress, working too much, sleeping too much or too little, bright light, hunger, smell, effect of hormones and psychological factors etc. .

Apart from this, if you do not follow your diet, do not take diet on time and do not refrain from eating and drinking, then you may have a problem of migraine. In this article, we will tell you what things should be avoided if there is a problem of migraine.

diet in migraine

#1 Cheese

Many dishes are made with paneer, which people eat with great gusto. If you also consume a lot of cheese then be careful because cheese also plays an important role in increasing the pain of migraine. Cheese cake, cheese slaw should be avoided in case of migraine.

#2 Sodium and Nitrate

Sodium and nitrate are added to preserve hot dogs, bacon and some meats. But its use can not only cause migraine attack but also increases the risk of heart disease. Also the preservative, Benzoic can also cause migraine. So try not to consume them.

#3 Beans

Beans are very good for health. Sufficient amount of vitamins is found in it, using which the nutritional requirements of your body are easily met. But there is a problem of migraine, they should avoid eating beans. Apart from beans, tofu, soy sauce etc. can work to increase migraine pain. That’s why avoid these things in migraine.

#4 Stay away from MSG

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a type of flavor enhancer that is added to many foods. MSG i.e. Monosodium Glutamate makes food tasty and tasty, but due to this many times migraine attack can occur. MSG is found in all types of processed foods, packaged foods, soups, salads, snacks, ice cream, chewing gum, ready-to-eat products, etc.

#5 Pickles and Chili

Avoiding in migraine - dont eat these things in migraine

We eat a lot of chillies and pickles for taste and enjoyment, but it is not good for our health. Any kind of pickle and chili can increase the pain of migraine. Pickle has high amount of oil along with salt which is not good for health. Therefore, while avoiding migraine, keep distance from these also.

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#6 Caffeine

People often drink caffeine in the form of coffee. According to health experts, excessive amount of caffeine is harmful and it causes problems like restlessness, shakiness, headache, insomnia. Consuming caffeine in higher than normal amounts can cause migraine problems.

#7 Olive Oil

Olive oil is recognized as a healthy oil. Its use is beneficial in many diseases. But migraine patients should avoid consuming olive oil. Migraine pain increases with olive oil.

#8 Dry Fruits

Migraine patients should avoid eating more walnuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, raisins, etc. An element called sulfites is found in dry fruits, which increases the pain of migraine.

#9 Avoid eating these fruits in migraine

Also bananas, citrus fruits, red plums and avocados aggravate migraine painTherefore, their use should be avoided in migraine.

#10 Junk food and alcohol

Pizza, Vada Pav, Samosha, Burger, Roll, Chowmin, Chili, French Fry and cold drinks are also harmful in migraine, so do not eat it if you have migraine problem. Apart from this, due to excessive consumption of alcohol, there is no proper circulation of blood in the brain, due to which the patient suffers from migraine. That’s why avoid consuming it too.

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In every effort has been made to provide the information as true as possible. It is not the moral responsibility of The information given in is for the knowledge enhancement of the readers. So we request you to consult your doctor before using any remedy. Our aim is to make you aware. Your doctor knows your health best, so there is no substitute for him.


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