eating chicken will cause harm


When you see a dish made of chicken on Facebook or Instagram, it is bound to make your mouth water. Then you go to the market to taste the dish or bring chicken home and eat it. This is how you satiate your hunger.
This is the talk about your favorite dish chicken, but have you ever thought that you are eating chicken but whether the thing you are eating with it is good for your health or not. You eat chicken and make health, but there are some things with chicken that you should not consume. There are many such things related to food and drink, which when mixed with each other cause great harm to the health. One such example is chicken. If you are fond of chicken, then do not make the mistake of eating 3 things with chicken. Otherwise it will have a very bad effect on your body. Let us know which are those 3 things.

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Milk has an important place in Ayurveda because it is rich in calcium and many other nutrients. According to Ayurveda, there are some rules for drinking milk. According to Ayurveda, if you are consuming milk with chicken, then understand that you are consuming poison. Actually the nutrients found in milk combine with the nutrients of chicken and adversely affect our body. Consuming both together causes a reaction in our body. Due to which the person may have allergies or white spots on the body.


Along with milk, you should also avoid consuming curd with chicken. This is because chicken produces heat in the body. Whereas, curd provides coolness in the stomach. By eating curd and chicken together, both the elements together have a bad effect on the digestive system.


Protein is found in abundance in both chicken and fish. However, both the things contain different types of proteins. When these two proteins are consumed together, it has an adverse effect on the body.

Health is an important thing in your life. Taking care of it should be your biggest responsibility. Before eating anything, you should pay attention to how much, how and when it should be eaten. If you pay attention to these small things, then your health will always be good.

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