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effects of too much exfoliation

consequences of excessive exfoliation

The process of exfoliation is normal and essential. Skin is smoother, brighter, and more moisturized when it has been thoroughly exfoliated. A nice item shouldn’t always be in excess. The skin barrier can be damaged by excessive exfoliating. Irritated and “angry” skin are two terms I like to use to describe it. Everyone should exfoliate at a varied frequency, in my opinion. I make an effort to explain to them that while some people can do it occasionally, others can do it more regularly. You, as an aesthetician, may assist your client in getting the greatest results by determining the appropriate frequency. When the instructions on the container do not apply to all skin types, you can step in to provide assistance. assist them in selecting the appropriate home care plan.

Restoring the skin’s natural exfoliation process is the aim of exfoliation. Cell turnover may be enhanced during exfoliation under a licensed professional’s supervision, giving consumers glowing, healthy skin.

Major Advantages of Exfoliation

enhanced texture
uniform skin tone
softer wrinkles and fine lines
pore openings
improved complexion
decrease in breakouts

Giving customers advice on how to use the right enzymes or scrubs may have a significant impact on their skincare routine. They can pick a scrub made with mild jojoba beads rather than the apricot scrub from the grocery store, which can be abrasive and lead to micro-tears and irritation. They can further employ a mild enzyme, such as the papaya pineapple enzyme.

which is suitable for all skin types.

They should have faith in your ability to do these operations in your office for deeper exfoliation. It is safer and they won’t run the danger of causing undesirable problems including scarring, redness, irritation, increased sensitivity, or hyper- or hypopigmentation.

Chemical Exfoliation Examples

AHAs against BHAs
Mechanical Exfoliation Examples
Microdermabrasion Scrubs, Skin Scrubber, Dermaplaning

In many cases, attaining the desired outcomes may be achieved by simply recommending a different method of exfoliation to your client. Exfoliation frequency can also be beneficial. Not all skin types require as regular exfoliation. This is why seeing an esthetician is crucial. We can help customers choose the optimal components and frequency for their skin.

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