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I’m sitting here reading stuff, and I’m thinking, “This is really not the time to just sit and wait.” I’m hoping that this unsettled period will only last a short while. I started to feel apprehensive and stressed out after the first few days following the outbreak of the coronavirus. I quickly recognized that now is not the time to paralyze ourselves with dread and worry after snapping out of it. The opposite of what we should be doing is being in front of the news all day. I do think it’s important for us to be aware of what’s happening, but once we have the latest information, let’s go to work! There is a ton to do!

Possess you a strategy?

We thus have no idea when or how quickly things will improve. Since the majority of our businesses are service-based, it would be disastrous if we had to visit our clients less regularly or if fewer people came in. Now is the time to increase product sales. The advantage of our line of work is this. We can sell goods and skincare items. So that your product sales can assist your firm pay the bills, we need to get a strategy in motion.

Many enterprises have entirely shut down, and some others have continued operations on a smaller basis. This does, in my opinion, depend on where you are, but I wanted to continue the discussion on what we can do moving ahead. I realize there are restrictions and times when there is only so much we can accomplish, but as company owners and entrepreneurs, this is what distinguishes us from many other individuals. We are accustomed to falling and rising again. We are accustomed to being given a monkey wrench and having to decide what to do next. Even though becoming an entrepreneur is extremely challenging, most of us wouldn’t change a thing. Here are some pointers and tools you may use to launch your items on another channel or an internet store. components, among others. You may also do so if you have a merchant account that allows you to invoice customers. One that is simple to set up and allows you to send invoices via email rather than playing phone tag is If necessary, you may also ask them to keep the details of their credit card there. Spas have been known to give their customers a weeklong deal so they may stock up. So consider any deals or discounts you may provide to your customers.

Your Skin Care Private Label

You may choose which channels to market your items on using private label. You have a ton of options for selling, including Shopify, Amazon, and your own website. You may also run advertisements on Facebook, Google, Instagram, or even trade in other shops. You are not restricted from being innovative by internet rules!

Resources and Tools for Online Selling

Try Amazon first if you can. They operate the biggest mall and one of the biggest search engines in the world. There are a few resources for Amazon that I really appreciate. If you wish to try this platform, I recommend the Helium10 firm. If you are unfamiliar with selling on Amazon, they provide some excellent free education and tools that will help you get started. They have some of these videos on YouTube. videos produced by Helium10

Anything may be sold with helium10, including skincare. They provide a free and premium version and can show you how to utilize their tools to get your listings to rank. Please feel free to check out the resources and instruction offered by, another Amazon site I’ve discovered.

This is the ideal moment to start a store if you currently have a website but none yet. It’s okay if you are unsure about where to begin. I advise you to start off slowly and make use of the assistance available on provides excellent contacts that are skilled in a wide range of tasks. anything from graphic design, video editing, and even seo (search engine optimization) for your website design. Simply do a search for the individual that works with that platform using the sort of website you have. You won’t need to invest thousands of dollars to start it because they are so affordable. Without spending a fortune, you may launch your website in phases.

For our websites, I like utilizing WordPress. It has numerous free tools and plugins that go with it, and many people are familiar with how to use it. Wix, Shopify, or even Godaddy are firms you may use if you want a simple, template-based website. Another excellent choice is, a merchant service where you can host your website, store, invoices, and even appointments. I see

You may also set up recurring billing, allowing you to charge your skincare or service subscription automatically each month. There are a lot of choices. Just consider what will fit within your time and money constraints. Now is the time to start building or rebuilding your online business.

Social media and advertising

I believe we can all improve our social media skills throughout this period. We must now accommodate individuals where they are. Since many people now have more time, they are now browsing social media. You must thus show up because of this! Remind them of the products and services you provide, even if you are not currently providing any. Organize a social media posting Plan your product highlights, service educational blogs, and humorous posts. Take images of your goods when it’s on the shelves throughout this period, and attempt to sell as much as you can. People seem to like amusing posts and memes! Therefore, refrain from posting only advertisements. Make a location where people want to check in and see your updates.

You may advertise or connect to your items on social media. You notice many of individuals requesting that you swipe up to buy their stuff. Why don’t you carry that out? On your social media pages, you may also mention that you are offering gift vouchers. Gift vouchers are being generously purchased by many people to support small companies in the future. Consider creating brief videos. tying the goods you use to your skincare routine so that people can purchase it. Never assume that someone knows how to care for their skin!

You can also run campaigns on Facebook or Instagram at this time to increase your followers and likes. Try to build up your community so that you will have more people to promote to once you can exert your full energy.

I’d love to know what everyone is doing to launch their businesses or how they are changing course. I’m praying for you folks and I’m confident that this will make us stronger.

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