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Google Drive App Crashes When Copying to Clipboard for Some Android Users

Google launched Google Drive in the spring of 2012. It is a part of Google’s workspace suite, which includes other apps like Calendar, Gmail, Meet, Sheets, Slides, and Music. The app allows users to store files in the cloud, share them across devices, etc. The app allows storing multiple files like PDFs, spreadsheets, photos, videos, music, etc. These files can be accessed by you from anywhere around the world as long as there’s an internet connection.

Android ‘copy to clipboard’ function causing a Google Drive crash

However, in the past few days, Android Google Drive users are experiencing an app issue. Some users claim the app randomly crashes for them when using the “Copy to Clipboard” function in any app.

Numerous reports of the app crashing when using the “Copy to Clipboard” feature on the Share menu. When users try to perform this task, they get an error reading ‘Sorry! The drive has stopped unexpectedly. The affected users also claim their Android devices go black screen and freeze for a few seconds before the error occurs. Most affected users added that this bug started for them with a recent update of December 7. However, some people reported this issue back in November as well. However, this time discrepancy is likely because some people received the update late.

The illogical part of this bug is the error sometimes shows up even if “Copy to Clipboard” wasn’t done in Google Drive or an app related to it. Due to this error, people who don’t even use the Google Drive app have a hindered day-to-day experience.

Potential Workaround

Sadly, for the affected users, the only fix for now is to uninstall the Google Drive app. However, this solution is viable only for users who do not use the Google Drive app. The affected users who do should try looking for temporary alternatives. Apps like Microsoft’s Onedrive are popular as Google Drive alternatives.

There’s no official word from Google on this matter, Which means we are unsure if Google is aware of the issue, so the ETA of the bug fix remains unknown.

Google Drive was initially launched as a Microsoft OneDrive competitor. But it has recently been facing other various like the one we covered a few days ago. Due to such issues, many Google Drive users have started looking for alternatives to the app. One of the most popular choices seems to be OneDrive from Microsoft, which is, ironically, a big Google Drive rival.

We hope that Google does not take long for the issue to be fixed as millions across the globe rely on the Google Drive service for academic and professional work. This is also causing the company to lose its valuable customers. We will update you if there is any acknowledgment from Google on the bug.

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