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If we talk about today, the trend of keeping beard has increased in men, in such a situation, the graying of beard hair is really a cause of concern. You must have seen that in today’s time the problem of graying of beard hair has become common. Actually it is due to changes in lifestyle and activities. Many times the problems of hair whitening are also seen due to genetic reasons. Having a white after shave before the age of 30 can be embarrassing.

Reasons for graying of beard hair

Reasons for graying of beard hair

1. Premature graying means that you are not taking a healthy or nutritious diet. A good nutritious diet is important for darkening your hair.

2. Your body lacks vitamins, copper, iodine and minerals. Most importantly, you do not have enough vitamin B12 in your body. Vitamin B12 is required for melanin production.

3. If you drink a lot of alcohol, limit it. Not only does heavy drinking affect melanin (it provides color to hair), but alcohol, when consumed in large amounts, also causes melanin damage.

4. If you take too much stress or you think too much then it directly affects the melanin pigment.

5. Due to genetic factors, your beard may also turn white. You need to make sure that you keep your body healthy and eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

home remedies for white hair in beard

Curry leaves

Curry leaves

Rich in carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron and nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E, curry leaves help your heart function better, fight infection and improve your hair and skin. makes alive.

Curry leaf water helps a lot in darkening the hair. Boil curry leaves in some water. Then cool this water and filter it and drink it now. Doing this daily will be beneficial. Benefits of curry leaves

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel has a plethora of health benefits and also helps prevent premature graying of hair. It works well if you drink aloe vera juice. It works effectively in preventing graying of hair.

onion juice

onion juice

Onion juice, rich in anti-bacterial and antifungal properties, is very beneficial for hair. It helps in preventing hair fall. It helps in restoring the lost nutrients in the scalp.

If you want to whiten beard hair, then take two spoons of onion juice, mix mint leaves in it. Grind half a bowl of pigeon pea and potato and make a paste of all of them. Now apply it in beard hair, it will be beneficial.

Diet rich in Vitamin B12

It is important that you pay attention to your diet. Vitamin B12 is an important component to prevent graying of hair. If you think you may not be getting enough vitamin B12, you may also want to consider vitamin B complex supplements.

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