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While we frequently seem unconcerned with what is applied to the skin, we are frequently concerned about safety. When it comes to reading ingredient labels and purchasing natural or organic items, we are often pretty compulsive. What about creams and serums that we use topically and which pierce the skin’s barrier? Most of the time, those are ignored. According to a recent study from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, exposure to three common chemical types—phenols, phthalates, and phytoestrogens—can delay pubertal development in young girls and increase their risk of difficulties later in life. The research involved 1151 girls between the ages of 6 and 8.

The daily use of topical “youth-enhancing” moisturizers containing estrogen or estrogen-active substances could theoretically pose a risk to women with breast cancer, particularly those who have estrogen receptor–positive breast cancers and take aromatase inhibitors, according to researchers from Oklahoma City.

To test for estradiol, estriol, and estrone, 16 anti-aging products with “rejuvenating” or “youth enhancing” claims were chosen. In the ingredient list of any of the items, there was no mention of estrogen or estrogenic compounds. Samples were delivered unopened to the Oklahoma City research facility. Five samples were tested, and one of them had both estriol and estrone.

Many contend that current market-available chemicals and goods render cosmetic rules obsolete. Customers depend on manufacturers to accurately list the components in their products.

The everyday use of “anti-aging” moisturizers that include estrogen or estrogenically active substances might theoretically put breast cancer patients at danger. There is ongoing research on this issue, including specialists on both sides of the argument.

Stay educated, conduct your own research, and ask manufacturers for information, in my view. Make an effort to choose items with more organic or natural components.


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