How to Create Fall Treatment Series with Pumpkin Enzyme | 209

As we all know, the fall is a fantastic time to perform peels. Natural enzyme complexion peels are available at Aesthetic Back Bar, and series application is recommended for best results. You can space your peels out by two to three weeks.

Pumpkin is a mainstay of the fall and has wonderful skin-care properties. Pumpkin peel is a simple treatment to advertise to your clients in the autumn because of its popularity and advantages, and it provides you an efficient, enjoyable, and thematic treatment.

Pumpkin works wonders for treating pigmentation, aging skin, oily/combination/acne skin, and lackluster complexions. Due of its tiny molecular structure, it enters the skin more deeply.


Pumpkin includes fruit, according to studies and papers from the International Dermal Institute (IDI). alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and enzymes that smooth and brighten the skin.

Pumpkin is rich in antioxidant vitamins A and C, which promote the creation of collagen, delay the signs of aging, and soothe the skin. The zinc found in seeds is excellent for treating acne skin because it helps to regulate hormone levels and oil production. The seeds are also rich in vital fatty acids and vitamin E, which are important for maintaining the skin’s healthy barrier function and controlling sebum.

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You may select between the Professional Pumpkin I with 5% glycolic acid and the Professional Pumpkin II with 12% glycolic acid at Aesthetic Back Bar. They provide a safe and effective peel in a natural, organic method. You can apply the Professional Pumpkin Enzyme II mask in your treatment area while offering your client the Professional Pumpkin I as a take-home remedy.

Just to be clear, Professional Pumpkin Enzyme II is safe, albeit some of our clients prefer to use it in their treatment room. If you have a more medical facility, you may easily market it as a home care therapy as well.

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(You may perform it in a series with gaps of two to three weeks.)

Normal, combination, sun-damaged, and oily skin types can benefit from pumpkin enzyme treatment.

A particularly effective polishing procedure is the pumpkin enzyme exfoliating therapy. In addition to having several exfoliating qualities, pumpkin also offers nutrients for the skin. For skin that is not sensitive, this skin care procedure works wonders. Typically, oilier skin types can utilize the 12% glycolic Mask II. Try using the Mask I, which contains 5% glycolic, initially if your client has never used glycolic.

1 Use a facial cleansing gel to cleanse.
2 Utilize a toner to balance your skin’s pH.

3 Use Jojoba Micro Bead Polish for normal to dry skin or AHA Micro Bead Polish for normal to oily skin to cleanse and exfoliate.

4 Apply Pro Pumpkin Enzyme Mask I or II in a thin layer. Mask I has 5% glycolic, whereas Mask II has 12%. Inform your client that they will experience an itchy or tingling sensation when you apply the mask. It often lasts for a minute or two before dying down. Less people will feel the tingling if their skin is thicker or oilier. Remove the mask with water if the customer reports that it feels burning. With this mask, I wouldn’t use a steamer or a hot towel compress since It could make the therapy overly intense.

5 Depending on your skin type and condition, leave on for 3 to 10 minutes.

6 Rinse until there is no longer any burning or itching in the skin.

7 one of the gel masks can be used to calm the skin. (Soothing & Anti-Aging Gel, Aloe Gel, Cucumber Gel, Lavender Gel)

8 Use antioxidant eye cream to prevent aging
If the customer has extremely dry skin, use the antioxidant serum first, followed by the rejuvenating cream.

9 Applying the Clarifying Serum followed by the Light Moisture Cream is the recommended procedure for clients with oily to mixed skin.

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