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As soon as winter comes, problems like cold, cold and sore throat increase. Immunity also becomes weak in such weather. For this, you can adopt some of the tips given below, which will keep you healthy during the winter season.

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Control blood sugar and cholesterol

Control blood sugar and cholesterol

Increase in blood sugar and LDL cholesterol gives rise to many diseases. Due to this, the problem of diabetes remains, along with this blood pressure will also increase. But if you are facing this kind of problem then try to control it.

You should consume very little salt in your diet except for sweet foods. Because more salt increases the risk of heart diseases, while sweet increases blood sugar.

try to balance the weight

try to balance the weight

People get very lazy in winter. He shies away from doing any physical work. There are some people who do not even take bath for many days. Control your weight and exercise regularly to stay fit. Apart from this, you can also do yoga and meditation. Also, when you exercise, heat also comes in the body.

drink more water

People consume very little water in winter. There are two reasons behind this, one is that they do not feel thirsty and secondly, due to the coldness of the water, people shy away from drinking it in winters.

But you should consume more quantity of water in winter. Apart from this, you should also consume herbal-tea. Drinking herbal tea lowers LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

stay away from drugs

stay away from drugs

It has been seen that people become very addicted to drugs in winter. More and more cigarettes and alcohol are consumed, but its consumption can increase heart and lung disease. Do not smoke and consume alcohol to avoid heart diseases.

Make changes in eating habits

As soon as winter comes, there is a change in the food habits of the people. In such weather, he eats those foods, for which he did not have to work hard. That’s why they consume more of outside made things or junk food.

Do not eat fried and saturated foods. Let us tell you that whole grains, oatmeal etc. are good for heart health and also help in reducing weight. Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables. The vitamins and minerals present in them are very beneficial for fighting diseases in this season.

keep yourself warm and get enough sleep

keep yourself warm and get enough sleep

Keep yourself covered with warm clothes, especially cover the feet, head and ears. Apart from this, take 7-8 hours of sleep during the day and try to stay away from stress.

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