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Today everyone is surrounded by technology. Technology has become synonymous with progress. That’s why no one can get rid of it even if they want to. By the way, more and more use of technology is affecting our lifestyle. Artificial light emanating from smartphones and computers disturbs our sleep badly.

We are not saying this, but the researchers are also saying this. According to the researchers, when the cells of the eyes are exposed to artificial light, our body’s internal clocks get confused, which disturbs our daily cycle and affects our health. Actually behind our eyes there is a sensory membrane called retina, in whose inner layer there are some cells which are sensitive to light. This affects our body clock and the whole daily cycle gets disturbed.

Our sleeping routine is getting badly affected in this fast-paced life. Because of which we are neither able to sleep nor get up on time. Let us know what is the effect of sleeping late on our life and health.

first – People who sleep late can become victims of stress and depression. In research, it has been found that people who naturally wake up late, have a certain element in their brain in the worst condition. Especially in the part of the brain that generates feelings of depression and sadness. 7 simple ways to get enough sleep

another- If you sleep late then it also affects your hormones. According to an article published in Science Journal, people who sleep for long, there is a change in their behavior, as well as their hormones are also affected.

third – Due to sleeping late, your body does not get full sleep, due to which the weight starts increasing irregularly and due to not burning calories, the body may suffer from obesity.

Fourth – All the parts of our body remain healthy by taking timely and adequate sleep. On the other hand, if you do not get enough sleep, it affects your mind as well as your heart. This increases the risk of heart disease.

Fifth – Due to not getting good sleep, the bones start becoming weak. Apart from this, the balance of minerals present in the bones also deteriorates. Due to this, the problem of joint pain arises.

Sixth – Friends, if there is no complete sleep, there is also a risk of a big disease like cancer. It has also been revealed in many researches that due to less sleep, the risk of breast cancer increases.

Friends, a good sleep is very important to refresh our mind and give rest to other parts of the body. Therefore, along with your work, pay full attention to your health as well and keep your diet and sleep right.

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