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Important Lessons to Learn From COVID-19 Pandemic

As they say, a crisis should never go to waste. It challenges us to learn something new and hence we must use it cleverly to benefit ourselves, thereby rising to the next level of our potential. The COVID-19 pandemic has, sadly, affected many people in several countries and led to many changes in the way of living. For instance, complete lockdown, wearing a face mask all the time, avoiding going to public places, taking care of hygiene, etc. has become the new normal. The impact was so quick and widespread that we were forced to rediscover the value of some old crises and learn new ones from it. Here is a list of some major lessons that the pandemic has taught us.

1. Hygiene is Important

To avoid the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, we all have been taught to wash our hands with soap and water whenever necessary. For instance, after touching a surface that could have disease-causing germs, when returning home from outside, before and after eating food, etc. Hence, the pandemic has made us understand the importance of hygiene all the way more than ever.

2. Lockdown Helps

Another thing we learnt from COVID-19 pandemic is that lockdown helps in curbing the spread of a disease. Yet it was not followed in many areas. But it was witnessed that the areas in which lockdown took place promptly, were able to recover quickly.

3. Not Much is Needed to Live

Living through the lockdown made us understand that we need minimal to live. All that is actually required is food, water, shelter, medicines, communication, entertainment, education, and we can get going. Despite the lockdown, we were able to fulfil our needs in a different way and yet be satisfied, thereby discovering what we actually need.

4. It is Possible to Telecommute

The work from home culture has gained a lot of attention as it was the only option left during complete lockdown in India. The BPOs, IT sector, and a lot of companies have demonstrated that even if someone is in another continent, working remotely could be an option to continue managing work-related responsibilities and yet still be productive.

5. Society is Important

During the pandemic, we all came together to help each other, Be it the frontline workers who did their job effectively, or the neighbours, friends, relatives who helped each other in need. For instance, cooking and distributing food to the ones in need, distributing the needed supplies like PPE kits, soap, sanitiser, and other protective equipment. Many did not let the pandemic affect the wages of their domestic help. In short, people stood by each other on humanitarian grounds, thereby helping us understand the importance of living in a society.

6. We Are Living beyond Nature’s Boundaries

During the lockdown, as people were locked inside their homes, it was seen that nature was rejuvenating itself. The chirping of birds, sights of animals on the roads, clean water of rivers, blue skies, made it evident that it was high time that required some healing. We were messing with our environment badly, which the climate protagonists had been reminding us of, from time to time. But only the lockdown made us stop from messing with it even further.

Bottom Line

Although the aforementioned list of lessons learnt from COVID-19 pandemic is not exhaustive, it provides food for thought. Learning everything from the points discussed might be too much to ask for, but if we try to adopt even half of it, we all will be better off.

Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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