Ingredient Highlight: Olive Fruit Oil | 219

The emollient plant from which organic olive fruit oil, commonly called olive oil, is derived. Emollients are essential components of skincare products! Its versatility makes it valuable for purposes other than cooking.

The top advantages of olive fruit oil are:

takes on free radicals
protects against pore clogging
Improves hair elasticity Vitamin E and A can heal sunburn and even diaper rash.
healing and reviving
prevents needless hair breakage
grows hair more quickly

How does it function?

More than just cooking, olive fruit oil has many other uses as well. It may be utilized as a secure, natural method of removing too much earwax buildup. Additionally, the oil may lubricate an irritated throat. The most significant benefit of olive fruit oil for hair and skin is that it skin! Vitamins A and E are essential for the anti-aging process. These two vitamins activate fibroblasts, mend damaged skin, and produce healthy skin.

Back bar cosmetics using olive fruit oil

Clarifying Cleanser – The Clarifying Cleanser is a one-step, refreshing cleanser that is very absorbent and loaded with oils, vitamins, and botanicals to hydrate and protect the skin. The Clarifying Cleanser attracts dirt and oils like a magnet, keeping skin clear and clean. This mixture is ideal for skin that is troublesome.

Antioxidant Enzyme Facial Cleanser – For dry, aging skin, this cleanser’s moisturizing and soothing properties are perfect. The natural and distinctive blend of cutting-edge components will enhance your skin. will provide the skin a deep clean and nourishment.

Infused with hyaluronic acid, lavender, blue green algae, calendula, Rooibos, and pomegranate extracts, the antioxidant eye cream is a mild and rich product. The delicate and supple skin around your eyes can retain moisture with the aid of evening primrose. The active compounds in Rooibos Eye Cream combine in a synergistic way to moisturize, rejuvenate, and balance the skin around the eyes.

Mask of Clarification – This expert Mask of Clarification will gently cleanse and detoxify the skin. Charcoal and Organic White Willow Bark Extract are this mask’s two main active components. Because it is so absorbent, activated charcoal removes toxins from the skin. The medical version of charcoal is called activated charcoal. Because of its high porosity, it may effectively trap chemicals, poisons, dirt, and bacteria. It has been shown to trap hazardous particles that are thousands of times heavier than it is. An excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, organic white willow bark extract helps to open up pores and gently exfoliates the skin.

Hydrating Mask – This deeply hydrating and nourishing mask aids in calming, hydrating, healing, and promoting cell renewal. Hydrating Mask aids in firming and plumping the body’s surface.

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