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People have always relished the flavor and health advantages of green tea. Regular use of green tea considerably lowers the risk of acquiring some cancers and heart disease. You have probably heard about the hype around green tea and the media’s emphasis on its current antioxidant benefits. The formulas of several cosmetics brands now include this antioxidant. It is now regarded as one of the best plant-based antioxidants for skin care, with anti-inflammatory properties that help lessen redness and level out skin tone.

Higher amounts of green tea reduce skin aging caused by free radicals. Supposedly, Green Tea is the Polyphenols’ top source. This antioxidant is found in high concentrations in green tea, which is known as the “Super Antioxidant” since it possesses 200 times more effective antioxidants than Vitamin E. According to science, green tea’s polyphenols help repair skin damage.

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Describe polyphenols.

Compounds called polyphenols can be found in nature. A sizable collection of organic plant substances called polyphenols may be found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, flowers, and bark. It is well known that polyphenols are potent natural antioxidants that promote good health. Recent studies have shown that plant polyphenols can prevent, slow down, or even reverse the process of UV damage to the skin. These antioxidants aid in the removal of free radicals, unstable chemicals that can lead to Body aging or illness.

Sunlight and green tea
Green tea polyphenols penetrate the skin when highly concentrated solutions are applied to the skin and assist in reversing sun-induced damage. Polyphenols may help treat skin conditions linked to UV-induced inflammation, oxidative stress, and DNA damage. They may also augment sunscreen protection.

Most of the negative consequences of UV exposure are caused by mistakes in DNA repair, which can result in mutations. According to investigations, a sunscreen with various concentrations of green tea extracts offered notable protection against UV aging. Studies have demonstrated that applying green tea polyphenols topically before being exposed to UV can also provide protection from solar-simulated UV.

Regular application of green tea formulations topically may offer defense against the damaging effects of solar UV radiation. An efficient way to lessen the severity of UV radiation is to combine skincare products with Green Tea antioxidants with sunscreens. Try to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 when applying it.

Products that contain Organic Green Tea:

  • Clarifying Cleanser
  • Green Tea Cream Cleanser
  • Hydrating Mask
  • AHA Moisture Cream
  • Clarifying Serum


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