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I’ve been getting calls from companies and estheticians all throughout the nation. I’ve heard that some are open and some are still in operation. Many people, I know, are anxious about what lies ahead. Regroup and exercise your imagination during this time. This is the charm of a tiny company. We can turn much more quickly than a bigger one. We have some fantastic suggestions to keep your company viable and your clients’ skin glowing and healthy. We both practice these in our company and the medspa where I am a partner.

Plan phone or video consultations. You may talk with your clients in person over chat about their options for working from home. Setting up at-home face treatment systems is something we advise. customers to buy.

retail and skincare mailing These therapy plans may be altered to focus on anything the patient wants. This is a terrific opportunity for them to use more retinol and brightening products if they are at home. Bright Radiance and Retinol PM are both excellent choices. Send them, and your clients will have everything they need.

Personalized – Now is a perfect time to start preparing for your private label, if you haven’t already. Selling your brand in your place of business fosters customer loyalty. They are unable to purchase your skincare from Amazon or another retailer. For information and price, send us an email. Here, you may order trial samples.

Become Social This is a time when individuals will really have time to think about themselves and do things they don’t have time to do. Promote your goods and offer advice on Facebook and Instagram. We are typically the last to receive attention. I have seen that the medspa where I am a partner is receiving several fresh calls for services. Those who didn’t have time previously might do so shortly. This is a fantastic chance to develop and advance. Even if it doesn’t seem like it right now, growth is only around the corner.

personally calling and texting clients Start reaching out to acquaintances you haven’t spoken to in a while. The most effective method of communication is through this. Inform them of your efforts and make your therapy options available. Every one of your clients has skin, and to take care of it, they require goods.

Take photos and work on your marketing images – Get a marketing schedule going at this period. You could object and argue that I have no idea what is ahead. We do, however, know what individuals can utilize as goods and what to do throughout each season. Work on educating your customers about the goods and services that are offered to them as well as the components.

video instruction – Focus on instructing customers about proper skin care. It might be as easy as washing your face, putting on makeup, or using a mask. Don’t assume that everyone is competent in these skills. I’ve known folks who never received instruction on how to wash their faces.

Establish your email marketing strategy and maintain it – Prepare a list of subjects and information that you wish to present to your community.

Learn by attending classes. Now is the moment to develop and be motivated. You might acquire suggestions for things to include in your enterprises as you learn.

Selling gift cards – Many people are encouraging others to buy gift cards from nearby merchants. They are aware that we must support the survival of the firms we support.

Relationship –I’ve written previously on the membership-based business model. We do have a post on it if you are interested in learning more. For times like these, this approach is fantastic for our sort of enterprises. When things pick up again in the future, you may put it into practice. Those who desire to visit frequently may choose it. Because of their consistency and dedication, they receive VIP prices and benefits.

Create fresh service concepts or treatment plans.

Recommended Top Treatment Products for at-home regimes. Here is a brief summary of some of our most well-liked therapies.

facial cleansing gel For all skin types, this cleanser works nicely. It is really clean and accessible to everyone.

Cleanser That Clarifies For oily, combination, or skin that needs to be cleaned without being overly drying, this charcoal-based cleanser is fantastic.

Toner for balancing the skin Anyone may use this toner to get rid of residue and bring their skin’s pH level to a healthy range so that their therapies can successfully penetrate.

Total Complex is a fantastic serum for maintaining healthy, even toning, and shining skin.
Antioxidants support healthy skin, even skin tone, and anti-aging effects. Use in the morning each day.

Radiant Brightness This moisturizer’s main component, kojic, helps to balance out skin tone and brighten the complexion. Useful twice each day.

Vitamin A PM – This is ideal for someone who wishes to smooth skin and delay the effects of aging. Useful every night.

Vitamin E Serum – Great for adding extra moisture before moisturizer. Perfect for folks who are very dehydrated.

the enzymes Everybody should exfoliate! These are delicate and secure to use at home, maintaining their skin’s appearance.

Pineapple with Papaya Enzyme for every type of skin. This is accessible to anyone. Use 1-2 times per week to prevent the buildup of dead skin and maintain beautiful skin.

I Enzyme for Pumpkin with 5% Glycolic Acid This is ideal for anyone with thicker skin, UV damage, or wide pores who want something a little bit more intense. This can also be used 1-2 times per week. A small tickle is quite natural. A minute later, it stops.


Age-Resistant Mask – All skin types should use this mask. It is a mask made of clay that comes in powder form. Since it is a powder, there are no preservatives in it. Your client can use a brush or their hands to apply while adding water. They could either massage the skin or Leave on and then rinse. This mask gives the skin nutrition while gently exfoliating, cleaning, and purifying the skin.

Mask for Clarifying – This charcoal-based mask works wonders to maintain cleansed and clear pores. It can be used once or twice per week.

Moisturizing Mask This mask is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients to hydrate and moisturize those who need it. Useful 1-2 times per week.

Eye Care Services Antioxidant eye cream is excellent for moisturizing dry skin.

Under Eye Nourishing Cream: A lightweight under eye cream for people who only need a quick fix.

Eye Rejuvenation Serum This is our peptide-rich clinical eye serum, which will help to strengthen the crepey skin around the eyes.

Moisturizers are ranked from thinnest to thickest.

Cream with Light Moisture – For all skin types, this moisturizer works well. while without feeling heavy or blocking pores, aids in sealing in moisture.

Alpha hydroxy acids are included in AHA Cream, a light moisturizer that prevents aging and keeps the skin smooth.

Cream of Renewal Moisture This anti-aging moisturizer has a medium weight and aids in retaining hydration.

Cream High in Vitamins – Vitamins and antioxidants are abundant in this moisturizer, which helps to hydrate and moisturize dry skin.

Any other suggestions? Give them to us! We would be delighted to hear from you and assist one another. During lean times, many firms grow and innovate. Let’s try to be inventive while being optimistic.

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