Mental problems are increasing due to corona virus


Corona Virus (Covid-19) has changed our lifestyle and way of thinking. How to live, how to meet people and what to eat

The effect of corona can be clearly seen. On the one hand Corona has changed our behavior, on the other hand it has also made us mentally ill.

The types of mental health disorders that are coming up in the Corona period, fear of corona infection, unavailability of basic facilities, loss of jobs and financial insecurity are prominent among them. This type of situation has become the main reason for the stress and depression of the person. Cases of suicides have also increased due to mental stress and depression.

There has been a spurt in the cases of mental health disorders during the Corona epidemic in the world, but the hard work of trained experts and mental health workers to rescue the patients from this condition has also paid off and its patients have recovered. The experts are shouldering the responsibility of counseling and treating mental patients very well.

What should be done
1. This is a bad time and this time will definitely go one day or the other, so strengthen yourself from inside.
2. Keep yourself busy with work and do some creative work.
3. Don’t forget to meditate and exercise. Give at least one hour for your body and mind.
Read 4. books, especially pay attention to reading spiritual books.
5. Get in touch with psychiatrists for counseling and treatment.

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In every effort has been made to provide the information as true as possible. It is not the moral responsibility of The information given in is for the knowledge enhancement of the readers. So we request you to consult your doctor before using any remedy. Our aim is to make you aware. Your doctor knows your health best, so there is no substitute for him.


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