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This summer, you should have 4 antioxidants and vitamins in your medicine cabinet to prevent free-radical damage. What precisely are free radicals? Free radicals are chemically charged antioxidants in skincare oxygen molecules that form a damaging chemical interaction with proteins and other organic materials. This leads to oxidation, which is seen in everyday life when a potato or an avocado becomes brown after being chopped. Lemon prevents the sliced potato or avocado from browning when applied to them. Vitamin C may be found in abundance in lemons.

There are several vitamins and antioxidants that are excellent for the skin. Antioxidants are extremely complicated compounds that aid in cell protection and They achieve this by stopping the chain reaction involving free radicals. Vitamins nourish the skin and aid in maintaining its functionality. Skin-applied antioxidants aid in reducing the effects of oxidative stress and UV damage. Since antioxidants are known to lose their effectiveness over time, regular usage is advised. Use any antioxidant products you may have lying around! It will be really advantageous to you.

C vitamin

This significant antioxidant plays a crucial role in the production of collagen. In addition to assisting with inflammation and wound healing, vitamin C also has several effects. Collagen is broken down by free radicals, which causes fibers to lose their flexibility and cause wrinkles to appear. Helping you will help us prevent this from happening. by shielding it from free radicals and UV radiation. Topical creams are the ideal vehicle for delivering nutrients to your skin.

E vitamin

One of the most well-known antioxidants is this one. I mean, vitamin E is present everywhere! Vitamin E may be applied topically to the skin to increase collagen, reduce sun damage-related inflammation and UVB damage, and reverse sun damage. There is proof that combining Vitamins C and E increases their potency. So, try to picture the amazing things it is doing for your skin.

Leaf tea

Green tea polyphenols penetrate the skin and aid in repairing damage caused by the sun. In addition to enhancing sunscreen protection, polyphenols may help reduce the amount of UV radiation that skin cells are exposed to as well as inflammation, oxidative stress, and DNA damage brought on by UV radiation. Neither does green tea serve as a sunscreen substitute nor does it block the sun’s rays.

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