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Nowadays the busyness of work has increased so much that a person is not able to pay full attention to his body. In such a situation, a person easily falls prey to diseases. Just as a healthy diet is necessary for the health of the body, similarly exercise is also necessary to keep the body fit. You must know when and how to exercise, but do you know that there is an exercise after eating which everyone should do. Its name is Vajrasana.

If you want to keep yourself away from stomach diseases, then you should do Vajrasana carefully and regularly after eating food. This helps a lot in digesting food.

Most of the asanas are done at least 3 hours before having food but Vajrasana is such an asana which you can do immediately after having food. Due to this, the food sits properly in the intestines, you do not have stomach problems.

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Let’s know what is the meaning of Vajrasana

Vajra + Asana, Vajra means hard, tough or strong. The body becomes strong by the practice of this asana. This asana can be done both in the morning or in the evening.

Now know how to do Vajrasana

Sit on the knees and spread the toes behind and put the toe of one foot on the other toe. Keep in mind that your knees should be close and the heels should be apart. Meanwhile, keep your buttocks between the toes and keep your heels towards the hips.

And finally, while sitting in this position, keep the palms on the knees. Practice Vajrasana for as long as possible. This asana should be practiced for at least five minutes especially after meals. How long after eating food should we drink water?

Let us now know the benefits of Vajrasana

1. This asana improves digestion and with regular practice it removes constipation.
2. With its help, digestion power is good, which helps to get rid of the problem of ulcers and acidity.
3. This asana strengthens the back and prevents lower back problems.
4. This asana also strengthens the pelvic muscles.
5. It helps in reducing labor pain and also reduces menstrual cramps.
6. Regular practice of Vajrasana is helpful in keeping away from diseases like varicose veins, joint pain and arthritis.
7. This asana is suitable for those who wish to go into meditation posture.

Scientific benefits of doing Vajrasana

Vajrasana regulates blood circulation in the lower pelvis. When you sit on your feet, blood flow decreases to the legs and increases to the digestive area. In such a situation, the digestive system works very well.

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