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Numerous clients today visit a skincare expert since they need an immediate fix for their skin problems but many are not prepared for harsh chemical treatments. Why not include a professional enzyme peel or mask to your skin care regimen if you frequently deal with clients whose skin is dry, dull, or acne-prone and you want a natural way to address these issues?

Enzymes can be the ideal ally in treatments that are results-oriented and need minimal downtime since they are occasionally employed as a less harsh alternative to chemical peels (such as alpha hydroxy and beta acids). Instead than using physical abrasion, enzyme exfoliation depends on biological activity. My favorite analogy for enzymes is Pac Man. They only consume the dead skin on leaving the skin on the face glowing and healthy. Naturally occurring antioxidants, such as vitamins and minerals (such as vitamin A, C, and E and carotenoids) and, in certain circumstances, low-level AHAs, are also present in various fruit and vegetable enzymes.

These enzymes are proteins that help the skin regenerate while also dissolving and breaking down dead skin cells. These solutions are particularly adaptable due to their dual effect of removing dead skin cells (which are the main cause of blocked pores, acne, and whiteheads) and repairing dry, dull skin. A versatile product like this will be used frequently in your clinic, increasing customer satisfaction as they leave with glowing, healthy skin and a grin on their faces. your face! Add these potent natural goods to your range to watch your customers become addicted!

The most common types of enzymes used in home care (private label) and professional therapies are briefly described below:

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The papaya, or papain

Papaya can be used to treat cellulite, acne, dry skin, and premature aging.

The papaya’s leaves, seeds, peel, and fruit are where the papain enzyme is found. Numerous vitamins and minerals included in papaya are thought to have a number of health advantages. One of the most well-known and significant enzymes to assist create beautiful skin is papain. Peptin is the potent enzyme present in papaya.
When applied topically, the digestive enzyme peptide softens the skin and gives it a more youthful appearance. a glowing, healthy aura. Peptin also contains carotenoids, vitamins A, C, and E, and other nutritious components. These antioxidants also lessen skin irritation. Dead skin cells that block pores are removed by peptides. Papain has also been demonstrated to be useful in reducing brown patches on the skin that have developed as a result of sun exposure. Studies published in the West Indian Medical Journal support papaya’s capacity to heal wounds and to renew and rebuild skin.


(also known as pineapple) Pineapple is the source of the enzyme bromelain. The enzyme was first extracted from the fruit in 1891 by a Venezuelan scientist, and it was made available as a supplement for medical use in 1957. The pineapple stem and juice are used to make the bromelain enzyme. By dissolving cross-linked collagen cells and accelerating healing when applied topically, bromelain lessens the visibility of wrinkles and uneven pigmentation. Additionally demonstrated to lessen inflammation is bromelain.


Beta-carotene, amino acids, enzymes, and antioxidants are all abundant in pumpkin pulp. Pumpkin is a great source of alpha-hydroxy acids-like enzymes and antioxidants. More than 100 healthy nutrients, including those used to slow down the effects of aging, are found in pumpkin. It eliminates harsh skin textures and cleanses clogged skin to give skin an even, healthy appearance.

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