Skin Cancer Awareness | 246

Sadly, the American Cancer Society reports that skin cancer is the most prevalent kind of cancer. After providing several services, you get to know your customers’ skin better. So it becomes quite simple to identify a mole or birthmark that looks strange or weird. When you see a strange location on your client, know what to look for.


Asymmetry is a birthmark or mole that does not have the same size, form, or color as the other part of the mole or birthmark.

Uneven, ragged, notched, or fuzzy edges define a border.
Color: There are variations in color, including black and brown. with sporadic spots of pink, red, white, or blue

The spot has a diameter of more than 14 inch and is roughly the size of a pencil eraser.

A thing is said to be evolving when its size, shape, or color changes.

Carcinomas can develop everywhere, although they are more likely to do so in places that are often exposed to the sun.

Estheticians should inform their clientele about the following:

new areas
Any itchy, painful, or sore areas
An open wound that doesn’t seem to be healing
There is a pink elevated region with rough edges and a slight dip in the middle.
Shiny, pearly lumps with blue, brown, or black spots that might be pink or red
A mole or birthmark’s texture or surface changing
swelling past the mole’s or birthmark’s edge

Inform your customers that only a physician can make a diagnosis, but that it is always a good idea to make an appointment with a dermatologist if they have any of the above-mentioned worries. You can consult our graph (ABCDE RULE (1)), which includes pictures and descriptions. This is something you should keep in a drawer in your face area. Although estheticians are not allowed to diagnose any illnesses, we do have a voice and may let a client know when we have concerns about a certain region. We also have the option of refusing care and requiring a letter from a physician before starting any therapies. Never be scared to express your worries because you never know who you could help.

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