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Christmas will soon be here. How about increasing your sales without making a significant retail investment?

Buying trial Size goods that are currently accessible to help you enhance your revenues is a terrific strategy to assist you in that endeavor.

Here are 3 quick methods to use trial size items to boost your sales:

up the sales of your services.

To improve the value of your services, use the 2oz items. A excellent illustration would be to design a Holiday Facial and advertise it as follows: Receive a complimentary homecare package when you book a holiday facial. Cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer are all options for your package.

Here’s how to make a festive facial: Combine our Revitalizing Mud Mask with peppermint tea. In addition to enhancing the skin, the tea’s antioxidant properties will give off a pleasant Christmas smell.

Our pumpkin mask may also be used for a festive facial.

Boost sales of gift cards

The 2oz goods available here can aid in the sale of gift certificates. You can promote:

“Get a free body butter when you purchase a gift certificate for a massage, body scrub, or mask”

“Buy a facial gift certificate and receive a free serum”

Get a complimentary homecare package when you purchase a gift certificate for a microdermabrasion or peel series.

Introduce your brand and increase sales

It is usually convenient to put little retail products next to your checkout area during the holidays. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on it; simply display the 2 oz goods with a banner that reads, for instance, “Holidays beauty gifts” or “Christmas stocking ideas.” These goods are simple to sell and profitable to buy in bulk due to the cheaper prices.

You may private label any of our 2oz items. With only one product, you can start building your personal brand.

As an illustration, you might start marketing your skincare line by offering a body butter that can be used to both the body and the face, or you could start with little kits for homecare. Like The 2oz items, as I previously stated, encourage an easier sale and will help you introduce your customers to your own skincare brand.

if you have any questions about our private label program.

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