Targeting Holistic Customers Means More Return To You | 185

The holistic lifestyle is gaining popularity and changing consumer preferences for the goods and services they will choose. People are becoming more conscious of the items they consume and how these products effect their health nowadays. Their efforts are concentrated on lessening the harmful load from their lifestyle and surroundings. The quantity of toxins they will permit themselves and their loved ones to be exposed to on a daily basis will change as a result of the comprehensive approach.

This quickly spreading fad is built on changing habits to lead a more balanced existence. It includes all domains, including the physical, emotional, and spiritual. In other words, someone who lives a holistic lifestyle will think that everything is connected. connected: all of their decisions, from the food they consume to the skin care items they use to the place they live in, have an effect on their health, which can be favorable or harmful. According to the American Holistic Medical Association, the following information demonstrates the rising popularity of a holistic approach:

4 out of ten individuals want their medical care to be more holistic;

The $60 billion market for herbal treatments is continuously expanding;

Since 2002, there has been a 50% surge for alternative holistic treatment.

What does this mean for an esthetician who wants to build, increase, or foster customer loyalty? This implies that these potential consumers will be the biggest spenders and most consistent users of therapeutic and esthetic treatments since they place a high value on their health (remember how everything is interconnected?!). They will also probably choose their skin care procedures and products with more discretion.

Because this will be a potent sales weapon in your arsenal, make sure your practice more effectively appeals to this demographic. Adopting specific comprehensive measures demonstrates your concern and your shared thinking. Here are some suggestions for how to appeal to customers that have holistic lifestyles:

adopt the usage of a totally organic professional back bar, like Aesthetic Back Bar (it’s also a good idea to provide your clients with natural mineral makeup as an alternative to makeup that’s been loaded with chemicals and purchased from a shop; see Vallie Cosmetics);

Ensure that your services and products reflect your commitment to a comprehensive approach to wellness in your profession;

Provide services that nourish the body and the spirit, fostering equilibrium (which is a crucial characteristic for your holistic clientele);

Show your clients that you are the expert and that a holistic approach to beauty begins with everyday decisions and emanates from the inside-out by educating yourself and them on the significance of a holistic lifestyle. Any cosmetic methods are temporary and superficial (from the outside in).

By using a holistic approach, you can build a relationship of trust with your customers, help them identify with you, and encourage them to return for expert guidance, organic skin care products, and skin care treatments. More significantly, you’ll demonstrate your sincere concern for them. And it is what really makes a difference.

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