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Diabetes or diabetes is currently one of the most common diseases prevalent worldwide. Diabetes is a condition in which your body stops producing enough insulin or cells do not respond to insulin, which ultimately leads to abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates, which can lead to increased blood sugar levels. By the way, there is Ayurvedic treatment of diabetes.

Let us tell you that diabetes is known as Diabetes in Ayurveda. In addition to the treatment and control of diabetes, Ayurveda suggests avoiding excessive consumption of sweets and simple carbohydrates.

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ayurvedic treatment of diabetes



Vijayasara is known to have anti-hyperlipidemic properties. This is one type of girl. It is known for the cholesterol level in the body. Apart from this, Vijayasar also helps in reducing the level of low density lipoprotein and serum triglyceride.

It helps in lowering the blood sugar or blood sugar level. It reduces some symptoms of diabetes. Such as frequent urination and reduces excessive burning sensation in the organs. Its medicines are also used in capsules.

According to Ayurveda experts, due to the medicinal properties of Vijayasar wood, many diseases can be cured by drinking water in it. You will get this wood of light or dark red color from any Ayurvedic medicine shop. Also, you can take a glass made of this wood and drink water in it.

flowers of paneer

flowers of paneer

Paneer ke phool is a flower in the Solanaceae family, found primarily in India and used in various medicines in Ayurveda. It is helpful in fighting insomnia, nervousness, asthma and diabetes. It can effectively help in managing diabetes in a better way. This flower is known to heal the beta cells of the pancreas for better utilization of insulin.



Evergreen has a great contribution in the Ayurvedic treatment of diabetes. It is also called periwinkle. A plant commonly found in India which is originally a flower from Madagascar. Its smooth, shiny and dark green colored leaves are known to act as a natural medicine for type-2 diabetes.

The compounds found in it are known to help keep the body healthy. You can chew some fresh leaves to manage blood sugar levels naturally.

Diabetes Control Tips

reduce obesity

reduce obesity

If you want to avoid diabetes or if you are suffering from diabetes, then try to reduce your obesity as soon as possible. A person suffering from diabetes should always keep his weight under control. Because being overweight makes it very difficult to maintain the sugar level.

exercise is important

Yoga and exercise will keep you fit and your weight will also be under control. Due to this, the blood circulation remains correct, due to which the sugar remains under control.

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