This yoga is beneficial in joint pain


Joint pain is a common problem. With increasing age, this problem increases even more, but if you do some yoga from the beginning, then you will get relief from joint pain. Let us know about those yogas.


If you practice Malasana regularly, it strengthens the knees, ankles and thighs. It increases flexibility in your knees. It stimulates metabolism and activates the digestive system. Apart from this, Malasana improves posture.



This easy mainly opens the bandha shoulders. At the same time it helps in making the back flexible. By doing Dhanurasana, tension and stiffness can be removed from the body. You can also do this with a little ease.


Garudasana is named after the king of birds, Garuda, who is also the vehicle of Lord Vishnu in Hindu mythology. Garudasana relaxes your legs and makes them flexible. The pose strengthens your shins and stretches the thighs. It also improves neuromuscular coordination. You practice Garudasana on an empty stomach. You will definitely get benefited.


This asana works to strengthen the knees. Apart from this, it is also helpful in activating the clenched shoulders. Vir-Bhadrasana works to balance your body by reducing tension from the shoulders. In this way, it gives easy relief from joint pain.


Virasana increases blood circulation in your legs and stretches the thighs and knees. This yoga improves your body posture and removes tiredness in the legs.

bridge seat

bridge seat

If you want to strengthen the muscles of the knees, then you should do Setu-Bandha asana. It proves beneficial in osteoporosis disease and keeps the brain calm and helps in increasing the concentration capacity. This easy reduces mental stress to a great extent. Regular practice of Setu-Bandha Asana is very beneficial. Those who do not have joint pain, they can also do it.


Makarasana stretches your leg muscles, so it acts as a balm for knee pain. Makarasana helps to calm the body and mind. It also controls high blood pressure.


Trikonasana should be done to strengthen the legs, knees and ankles. This yoga asana also provides relief in sciatica and back pain. Apart from this, regular practice of this asana causes tension in the veins of the knees, waist, joint of the thigh and buttocks. This tension gives mobility to these parts of the body.

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