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The market for skincare products geared toward juvenile or teen skin has always been enormous. Here are a few measures to follow to ensure that you give your young client the greatest acne or issue skin regimen.

starting with the advice-seeking
Give your teen customer a complete skin care consultation to help establish a bond. Before evaluating the skin of your young consumers, you want to gather all the relevant information. The likelihood that you can truly identify the source of the acne increases as you get more knowledge. Before doing a facial or other skin treatment, ask the following questions.

Issues to raise

Which goods do they now use? It’s important to get children started with proper skincare. Learn what ingredients your teen uses. a customer is utilizing on their skin so you can start making the right product recommendations. Sometimes, a few little adjustments are all that’s needed. Sometimes it helps to test one thing at a time and see whether each minor adjustment feels right to them.

What much of water do they consume each day? Lack of water can interfere with the skin’s normal shedding process, which in turn leads to significant buildup.

How much caffeine or soda do they consume? Caffeine and soda can severely dehydrate the skin, which results in irritation.

What sort of workout do they perform? swimming, soccer, track, etc. Do they perform with stage makeup and dance? Recommend applying an AHA toner or washing the skin after workout. This will aid in cleaning up the mud that is originating from either the teens’ perspiration or any exercise gear.

What kind of sleep schedule do they have? Teenagers may switch from sleeping in all day to staying up late to binge-watch their favorite show. Cortisol levels can be impacted by sleep deprivation, and hormone levels can also be impacted.

How’s the diet going? – Hormones can be significantly impacted by fast food and sugar. Increased vegetable consumption and good nutrition can significantly improve the skin of your youthful clients.

How frequently are their bed linens washed? – How frequently are the pillow shams washed? Pores can become clogged by dirt from the dead skin cells we shed each night. More frequent cleaning of the linens and shams will assist prevent that from happening.

Some advise doing it at least once a week, but it is possible to do it more frequently.

Do they regularly wash their makeup brushes? – Ask your young client how frequently their beauty brushes are sanitized if they wear makeup. If not properly cleaned, makeup brushes have a tendency to hold a lot of dirt and bacteria. They can wash their brushes once a week at the very least using a mild soap.

Mobile phones! Maybe we’re all guilty of this. Our hands frequently grip and touch door handles before touching our phones. The telephones then touch our cheeks as we hold them close to our ears, spreading all the grime, oil, and bacteria. Make sure they are aware of the significance of keeping their hands clean and wiping their phone. their face from.

Personalized skin care for teenagers

1 For this kind of skin, exfoliating and mild chemical peels work wonders.

2 Extractions are quite beneficial. But try to limit the amount of extraction time to five minutes.Tell them that scheduling multiple appointments is preferable to attempting to remove every pore in a single session. If their skin is overly damaged, you may induce hyperpigmentation or scarring.

3 Some folks will employ an extractor tool, but you must be cautious not to apply excessive pressure. The most widely used approach is manual. When performing extractions, many aestheticians prefer to utilize cotton tip applicators. This will prevent inflammation by reducing the amount of pressure placed on one spot.

In the facial chamber, enzyme treatment masks are excellent. This will aid with a mild exfoliation. After extractions, the papaya pineapple enzyme mask is excellent to use. Following the procedure, the aloe in the treatment helps to calm the skin and leaving it polished.

skin care routine at home

Use an AHA toner and a quality cleanser.
Avoid touching your face to minimize breakouts.
Wash your face, but don’t overdo it.
Keep your routine easy. They won’t use the products if they are too difficult to use.

Offer a straightforward home regimen. The majority of teenagers can’t keep up with a lengthy list of requirements or steps. Even washing their face with a cleanser might be challenging for some people.

Recommended home care
Daily AM and PM
Clarifying Cleanser
AHA Toner
Clarifying Serum

Clarifying Mask – apply and leave a thin layer on for 5-15 min then rinse. They can do this 1x – 2x a week depending on how thick their skin is and how much active acne they have.


Papaya & Pineapple Enzyme Mask – apply thin layer of Papaya Pineapple Enzyme Mask leave on 5-15 min then rinse. This can also be done 1x – 2x a week depending on how thick their skin is and how much active acne they have.

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