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Retinol is a potent element in skincare that acts to lessen pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and scarring. This essential component is a kind of vitamin A. Which product is best for you and how to use it depends depend on your skin type and skin concerns.

How soon you should start utilizing this skincare item.
What is a retinol sandwich? Retinol sandwich definition.

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When should use begin?

This component can be added to a teen’s skincare routine and used up to maturity. With the added benefit of reducing acne and acne scarring and decreasing the aging process, this type of vitamin A is a fantastic choice. Starting to incorporate retinol into your skincare regimen is never too late. It may be seen as a powerful component, allowing for a little while to adjust. In the beginning, frequency will be slower so that your skin can adjust to the substance. The condition of your skin will benefit from going slowly.

A Retinol Sandwich is what?

The technique of combining moisturizer with your retinol throughout your skincare routine is referred to as a “retinol sandwich.” This is only one approach. Here are the steps to making the ideal sandwich.

Cleanse the skin in Step 1 with your favourite cleanser.

Step 2: Moisturize freshly cleaned, wet skin.

Step 3: Top off the moistened skin with retinol.

Step 4: Apply one more pump of moisturizer to seal everything in.

step 5: All done

As products containing this component can cause little discomfort, this is a suitable application method to prevent your skin from drying and flaking.
All Skin Types’ Skincare

Awaken Night Serum

Important elements:

1% Niacinamide,
5% Retinol in vegetable glycerin

Tinol PM-

Important elements:
Acid Hyaluronic Hydrolyzed
Salicylate of Hyaluron
Hyaluronate Crosspolymer of Sodium

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