What is Micellar Cleansing Water and how do I use it? | 223

Your initial reaction upon reading the term “micellar” could be “What the heck is that and am I pronouncing this right?” Same! This purifying water, pronounced mi-cel-lar, has been utilized for decades in France. Although it has been available in the United States for a while, prominent corporations just lately began to actively advertise this product. This three-in-one solution cleanses, tones, and removes makeup!


In an effort to keep things as straightforward as possible, micellar water is composed of micelles, which are tiny oil molecule balls that float around in soft water. The cleansing is carried out by these micelles, which are drawn to oil and grime. But oil and water do not mix mix? You are correct; they don’t. A mild surfactant, which is a chemical that lowers the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved, is the primary ingredient in this product. In essence, it will REALLY cleanse your skin. It is soft enough for my acne-prone skin and my sensitive males and females. Not to add that Lavender, which is fantastic for anyone who has a little irritation from breakouts, is a component in Aesthetic Back Bar’s micellar water.


It’s easy! Simply apply a small amount of the micellar cleaning water on a cotton round, wipe the skin, discard the cotton round, and get on with your day. You do

refrain from rinsing! I realize; crazy, huh? Micellar water may be utilized for a variety of purposes, including:

Taking off makeup gently before applying it (for my makeup artist who is unsure whether their client washed their skin beforehand)

Erasing cosmetic errors has never been easier (the winged liner!)
removing the glue from your strip lashes OR carefully washing makeup brushes pre-cleanse or double cleanse

For my mums or on-the-go businesswomen, frequent fliers who just don’t have time to wash their faces in between flights, excellent makeup artists, skincare specialists who love to go the extra mile to ensure their customers’ complexion is immaculate, and my mothers, Micellar water is great. Basically for ANYONE who enjoys exercise and the gym, needs a little refreshment after a terrific workout.

It is an excellent cosmetic accessory to have on hand and may be useful for my estheticians when working with customers who occasionally lack the time to remove their full-coverage foundation before appointments. With this, you won’t have to struggle with an oily makeup remover that occasionally only spreads the makeup about rather than removing it.

The “I was too tired and didn’t feel like washing my face before bed” defense is no longer acceptable for your clientele. Simply advise your customer to place some cotton rounds and this washing water on top of their nightstand, and they won’t ever go to bed with a filthy face.

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