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What you should know about the vitamin B3 niacinamide

This vitamin has a variety of uses and can address many anti-aging problems. For a long time, this component has been disregarded. Here are six essential facts regarding the vitamin B3 niacinamide for skin.

1 Niacinamide’s antioxidant effects include an increase in skin’s antioxidant capacity upon topical treatment.

2 Enhances ceramide production, which enhances moisture retention and thickens the stratum corneum, to improve barrier function.

3 Reduces sallowness and skin yellowing — Protein glycation, which occurs with age, can cause skin yellowing. Cross-linked proteins caused by glycation, a spontaneous oxidative reaction between protein and sugar, give the skin a yellowish appearance. Niacinamide assists in prevent oxidation from occurring.

4 reduces blotchiness and erythema. The improvement in barrier function reduces erythema and blotchiness. Less irritation and redness are present when your barrier function is better.

5 reduces wrinkles and fine lines Niacinamide benefits wrinkles and fine lines in a variety of ways. Niacinamide could be able to boost the creation of proteins and collagen in the skin. By lowering excessive skin glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), it also reduces wrinkles.

6 Skin hyperpigmentation Niacinamide decreases melanosome transfer from melanocytes to adjacent keratinocytes, which aids in the treatment of pigmentation.

Items containing niacinamide

The serum niacinamide – This is the most advantageous post-treatment alternative for you and our Niacinamide-rich serum.

Clarification Serum For those with combination skin and those who wish to maintain healthy skin, this serum is excellent.

Vitamin E Serum – This is a fantastic anti-aging serum that will provide skin the most moisture possible. Perfect for older skin types with dry, dehydrated skin. skin that is shining.

Moisturizer with Bright Radiance This kojic treatment for skin lightening will assist in doing so. Niacinamide is included, which can aid with hyperpigmentation. For optimal results, serums can be used prior to this moisturizer.

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