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Depression is a mental disorder that anyone can be a victim of. A person affected by this loses interest in almost everything. Therefore, to avoid depression, you should adopt some methods, in which you can distance yourself from some diets.



If you want to stay away from depression, then you have to stay away from alcohol. Recently scientists said that depression affects 140 million people in the world and they are suffering from diseases caused by the use of alcohol.

It not only spoils your health along with the liver, but excessive consumption of it can also put you in depression. Let us tell you that alcohol directly affects your nervous system and slows down its speed.

meat consumption

If you are free from depression, then you should consume meat at least or if possible, keep distance from it. Especially red meat or canned meat is completely harmful to your health.

Let us tell you that it contains a high amount of saturated fat, which changes the level of insulin. As a result, not only does the person feel depressed but the chances of many serious diseases also increase.



It has been seen that people use coffee to relieve stress or to relieve fatigue. It works to give energy by removing fatigue, but let us tell you that excessive consumption can put you in depression or depression.

The caffeine present in it can take away your sleep and happiness, due to which in the end you may have to face mental fatigue and sadness.

Apart from this, researchers from Seoul National University experimented on rats and found that after keeping the rats in a awake state for a long time, when they smelled coffee, the proteins in the brain that are responsible for stress were affected.

rice consumption

Many people are very addicted to eating rice. Such people like to eat rice in the morning and evening. But let us tell you that excessive consumption of rice can cause sadness in you.

In this, refined carbohydrates are found, which affect the glycemic index of the body and also contribute to hormonal changes that make you feel sad. Benefits of rice flour

white bread

white bread

In many homes, breakfast is done with white bread instead of brown bread, but do you know how harmful white bread is for you. It is the creator of many diseases, apart from this it also gives birth to depression.

It has been found in a research that excessive amount of carbohydrates present in white bread or white bread can cause depression among women. It can also cause fatigue.

symptoms of depression

1. If you feel that there is no happiness in your life and you are constantly sad, then you are a victim of depression.
2. Small things make you irritable. Your mood is off on anything, which remains throughout the day, if you do not like anyone’s company, then these are signs of depression.
3. If you mostly live alone and do not even become a part of any social meet, then be alert, because it is a sign of depression.
4. Emotions tell whether you are happy or sad. Emotions are something that makes us truly human. But in a person suffering from depression, there is a decrease in emotions. Such a person remains in the same mood all the time. – 12 causes of depression or depression

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