Skin Cancer Awareness | 246

Sadly, the American Cancer Society reports that skin cancer is the most prevalent kind of cancer. After providing several services, you get to know your customers’ skin better. So it becomes quite simple to identify a mole or birthmark that looks strange or weird. When you see a strange location on your client, know what … Read more

Introducing Bright Radiance for Brown Spots! | 245

You’ll like our all-skin-types skin brightening cream. It was created using Kojic to help minimize redness and spots, increase overall radiance, help avoid obvious symptoms of premature aging, and help balance out skin tone without bleaching. Describe Kojic. The fermentation of the malting rice required to manufacture sake produces kojic as a byproduct. It has … Read more

The Hydration Booster – Hyaluronic Acid in professional skin care | 243

Humans naturally produce hyaluronic acid, which is present in youthful skin. Applications used topically are intended to cure wrinkled skin and may help slow down the aging process. For an excellent moisturizing effect, hyaluronic acid pulls moisture from the environment to the skin. In the 1990s, hyaluronic acid gained popularity in skincare products. Why has … Read more

Blue Green Algae – Superfood for the skin | 240

The Skin’s Superfood: Blue Green AlgaeSkin-benefiting blue-green algae Where is the origin of blue-green algae? The Pacific Northwest is where blue-green algae is found. It is a single-celled wild-harvested organically-certified creature that grows in a remote region of the Pacific Northwest. In addition to having some of the world’s cleanest air, the Pacific Northwest also … Read more

Our new “Must-Haves” Aesthetician Kit | 239

The old has to go, and the new has to come. It’s time to organize those cupboards and get rid of anything outdated or idle. The essential goods that an esthetician needs in their medicine cabinet for facials are included in our new “Must-Haves” Aesthetician Facial Kit. These 3 treatments are what you can do … Read more

Home Run Skin Care Regimens | 238

What should your clients take with them when they finish their skin care procedure? Here is a list of some of our recommendations for clients with various skin types. Atopic Skin Types The goal is to hydrate, nourish, and fight the effects of aging. Important Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Neem Oil, Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, … Read more

5 uncommon tips to be more productive | 237

Lack of time prevents me from writing emails, blogs, email promotions, working on customer support, ordering equipment for spa management, etc. Here are some pointers to get you organized for 2019. 1 Task list Make a list of the top 25 things that need to get done. Draw a circle around the top five and … Read more

How to create my own skincare line? |236

How to launch a skincare businessprivate label for beauty professionals Have you considered starting your own skincare business? Do you believe the price would be unreasonably high? Why even think about starting your own skin care line. All of these queries will be addressed. advantages of developing your own skincare brand for your company. 1 … Read more

Aesthetic Back Bar Holiday Updates & More | 235

Christmas Orders The Christmas rush has begun. Our warehouse is quite busy right now! We want you to know how much your business means to us and that we will go above and beyond to fulfill your orders on schedule. Please be aware that private label orders and larger bulk orders require a turnaround time … Read more

Enhancing Your Spa Menu | 234

You may both make more money and save money by improving your spa menu. A fantastic service menu is essential. I’ve worked in the spa sector for more than 20 years, and throughout that time I’ve tried a variety of meals. From extremely lengthy volumes that are incredibly detailed (and pricey) to succinct one page … Read more