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Due to Corona virus, there has been a complete change in the lifestyle of the people. Instead of going out, people spend most of the time at home. Physical activity has also reduced, and food habits have also changed. In such a situation, it has affected the health of the people. If you are at home and your health is deteriorating, then you must pay attention to the following things.

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do the exercise

In such times it is very important to keep your body active. This will keep your body parts healthy. Therefore, if you are at home, take out at least one hour for exercise. You can do some light exercise. Doing this type of exercise means that you can keep your body fit. You don’t need to do body building or much exercise.

make changes in diet

If you want that your health does not deteriorate, then definitely pay attention to your food and drink. Because the whole system of the body deteriorates due to the way of eating. At this time, you should consume more of those substances, which get digested quickly. Apart from this, you should consume foods that increase immunity. For this you can consume green vegetables and fruits. And drink more and more water.

drink warm milk

Milk is very beneficial for the body. You must have often heard people saying that drinking a glass of warm milk at bedtime is beneficial. This is also true to a large extent. It has been proved in the research that drinking a glass of warm milk at bedtime to get good sleep benefits the body in many ways. Hot milk will give you relief by removing the tiredness of the day. There are many such elements in it, which are effective in getting good sleep.

carbohydrate food

Banana is such a fruit, the nutrients present in it are helpful in getting sleep. Carbohydrate not only helps in keeping you energetic, but also helps in getting sleep. As soon as carbohydrates enter the body, you start yawning and yawning. That’s why it can be said to be a good source of sleep.

eat less at night

Already less exercise is being done by the body and on top of that if you eat more food at night then the problem can increase further. By the way, one should never eat too much and heavy food at night. People who eat too much food at night, they have to face stomach problems and many difficulties in sleeping. Avoid eating too much fried and spicy food.

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