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Migraine is a neurological condition that can cause a variety of symptoms. Its specialty is that there is severe pain in any one part of the head. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, feeling tired, irritability, stiff neck, difficulty speaking, sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine can affect a person of any age.

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due to migraine

due to migraine

1. The problem of migraine is generally seen more in women. Sometimes this problem is seen more in early age.

2. Hereditary or hereditary factor also has a major impact on the birth of migraine.

3. Migraine problem is also seen due to excessive stress.

4. Due to the changes in the level of hormones, many times the problem of migraine and chronic headache starts.

5. Changes in the environment such as a sudden increase in temperature can also increase the problem of migraine.

6. Problems with vision or sometimes working in front of the computer screen for too long can also cause migraine.

7. Even if our body is not getting proper diet, we still have to face the problem of migraine. Do you know the 5 causes of headache?

what triggers migraine

what triggers migraine

1. If you carry stress throughout the day, it can trigger.

2. Many times migraine can trigger due to change in sleep cycle.

3. Migraine problem can also occur due to not taking breakfast in the morning or staying in the sun for a long time.

4. Menstruation, including the use of birth control pills.

5. Some food items like cold drinks, dairy products and thiamine rich foods can also trigger migraine.

6. Bright light, strong smell, noise and sound also contribute in triggering migraine.

There are many types of medicines available to reduce migraine pain, but if you want, you can also reduce migraine pain by adopting some natural methods.

1. Magnesium works very effectively in migraine pain. Magnesium is found in sufficient quantity in green leafy vegetables. Apart from this, there is plenty of magnesium in cereals, sea-food and wheat.

2. Ginger According to Ayurveda, ginger can cure your headache. Add a little ginger to it while cooking and then eat it. You can also drink ginger tea twice a day.

3. Consume two cloves of garlic regularly along with food. It saves you from the problem of migraine.

4. Staying hydrated. Per day, men should drink about 13 cups of fluid and women should drink 9 cups.

5. Do not skip any meal during the day. Breakfast in the morning is very important.

6. To overcome the problem of migraine, it is very important to get enough sleep.

7. Exercise regularly. Exercise can not only help reduce stress but also reduce weight. Experts believe that obesity is linked to migraines.

Apart from this, whenever you do exercise, do not do it too fast or fast, but do it slowly and use light tools. Starting too quickly and intensely may trigger a migraine.

diet in migraine

diet in migraine

If you want to get rid of the problem of migraine, then you should avoid those foods which trigger migraine. Sugary drinks, chocolates, aged cheese, tomato sauce, energy drinks and black tea, etc.

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