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In recent years, you must have heard about depression disease from people. Even in the media, doctors and psychologists definitely talk about this disease. Depression disease is gradually increasing its scope. From children to young and old people, this disease is increasing in people of all ages. However, the problem is that people in India do not consider it a disease, whereas it is a very serious mental illness. Depression simply means that the expectation, hope or trust that you had is broken somewhere. People who suffer from the problem of depression do not like to mix with people. They want to be alone. This increases negativity in them. Depression is so fatal that if someone thinks and feels negative thoughts continuously and repeatedly, then his life can be filled with despair. Thoughts of suicide start coming.

how do i know i have depression

1. Depression is a mood disorder. If disappointment towards life is increasing, then understand that you are moving towards depression.

  1. Feeling incompetent and guilty, lacking in self-confidence, hating oneself, seeing the way forward in life closed, these are some of the thoughts that a person is always surrounded by.
  2. If you want to identify whether a person is suffering from depression or not, then the best way is to follow his interest. Means if earlier he was showing interest in playing sports, reading books, talking with friends and now he is not showing interest then understand that the matter is wrong.
  3. Another symptom of this is that there will be problems in sleeping. Meaning thinking more negative things reduces the hours of sleep.
  4. There is a change in behaviour. The person remains calm and composed or becomes a victim of anger and irritability.

what is the reason

The biggest reason for depression is our way of thinking. We have surrounded ourselves so much with material things that we have forgotten what real life is all about. Life is not about always running after love, money and things. It is necessary but it is not life. So don’t depend your life on them, rather try to live without them for some time. Because where there is dependency, there will be tension and fear of losing. And when this happens, the person becomes a victim of depression.

Everything is a habit, if you have made a habit of thinking in a wrong way, then your actions will also be in a wrong way. The right way is to take what is true as true and what is not true need not be taken seriously. Invest some of your time in this to know what is truth and what is lie in this world.

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