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The fear of losing something, the desire to get something or become something has made us separate ourselves from real life. We think day and night that we have this much now, we should go a little more. Apart from this, whatever we have, it should never end. Be it equality, job or relationship. In this state of confusion, we are not able to manage life properly. Because of which they are also becoming victims of stress and depression.

Explain that cortisol is called a stress hormone. This hormone is produced in the body when there is excess stress. It is related to the hormone insulin. Changes in the level of insulin in the blood make it difficult to lose weight. Due to the increase in stress hormones, the fat stored around the internal organs of the body does not reduce. To remove stress, one should sleep for 8 hours and do meditation. This keeps the level of cortisol under control.

Exercising regularly will be right for you to control cortisol levels or reduce stress. It is good for both physical and mental health. People who exercise daily can keep themselves stress-free, which directly affects their thinking and ability to think.

To relieve your stress, also pay attention to what you are eating. To adopt a healthy life, it is important that you always take healthy food. Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, in addition to foods that contain vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Eat more and more fruits and leafy green vegetables which are rich in nutrients. Also have whole grains which can help in keeping your brain healthy.

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